Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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What I really want to share has nothing to do with this intro- but, I feel I should at least acknowledge the disastrous mess in our kitchen and dining area as I type this. A mess that I'm procrastinating to clean because it looks like the aftermath of a horrendous food fight, when really it's just the remains of our family dinner (I'll spare you a photo, but picture food on the table, food on the walls, food on the floor, maybe even the ceiling? I'm seriously contemplating hosing it down). I also must confess that I DETEST the sight of wasted food. Probably since a) I know there are millions of hungry people in the world b) grocery shopping is still a BIG chore to me c) food is expensive! But, kids will be kids, right? They really do have manners, I promise.

Now on a happier note, I bring you some revolutionary (okay, so maybe just cool) discoveries.

Tried this new thing tonight during that dreaded, terrible, no-good time frame of 4:00-5:30 p.m. I know EVERYONE with kids knows what I'm talking about. The all-I-want-to-do-is-empty-the-dishwasher-and-start dinner,-but-I-can't-because-I-have-a-child/children-either-in-a-dire-crisis,-or-attached-to-my-legs time. Instead of finishing whatever I was in the middle of, I simply scoop up the children and do something silly. Tonight we grabbed a bottle of bubbles and played outside while running through the sprinklers (fully clothed). Bart even joined in on the fun once we he got home and it was pretty magical. Other fun ideas are to turn on some tunes, grab some kitchen tools to sing with and dance away, do Kids Yoga (found on Comcast's On Demand channel under Kids Activities), pull out the mops and brooms (I don't know why but my kids always do funny stuff with those), sidewalk chalk and/or crayons (rocks are fun to draw on too), or even a quick walk. Really anything random and fun that you can think of to help break up the mood!

Next up on my revolutionary list is.....WIRELESS bras. I have no idea if I'm the last one on Girl Planet to discover these, or if they're just new, but whatever the case may be I'm absolutely convinced they are THE BEST CREATION EVER. The brand I couldn't help but buy 4 of is Warner's and I found them at Kohl's

Okay, so I admit it. The above paragraph is the REAL reason for this post. The rest of this stuff just somehow started to come out once I saw the big white New Post page. But, I'm glad I shared it because while I was sharing all of that, I was also listening in the background to Conan on TV. If you too love the funny and creative things kids say, you should hit play on the below YouTube video of Conan signing the Blues with kids. HILARIOUS.

Here's my favorite lines...

"It IS when you LIVE it." - Summer

"My sister and my mom love Edaname but I don't like it quite as much as they do." - Olivia

"And my sisters are weird." - Tommy

"What's with softballs? They say they're soft, but they're really not soft at all. If you get hit with them, you can get really hurt."  - Alice

If I don't do another post before this Sunday, hope you all enjoy a delightful Father's Day weekend! 


  1. Way to go on playing with your kids rather then stressing out. IT is the hardest time. Its waht we call "TV" time, for now. It will change in a month.

  2. 4-5:30 is my LEAST favorite time of the day. And when B says "I won't be home until 7..." I feel like I will never survive those last few hours. LOVE the idea of just getting something totally random out. Way to break up the day! And yes, wireless bras are nice! I don't own one just because I need more support :) But now that I am not nursing anymore and things are back to nonexistent, I might just have to try one!