Thursday, May 31, 2012



(of a decision, event, or change) Of great importance or significance, esp. in its bearing on the future.

What a momentous month of May we've had. Bart's had an entire month off from school, our youngest turned 1, our oldest started preschool, and we've completely re-arranged our home to accommodate a PLAYROOM! We're loving all of these changes and the feeling of newness that's followed. Until I have a chance to do our big playroom debut, here's a quick list of the latest things running through my mind....

Love the confidence I've gained as a mother. It's taken me some time, but I've proudly learned how to say exactly what I am, and am not okay with when it comes to our children. It may not always sound nice, but if it's what I know is best and makes us the most comfortable, I speak up about it!

Hearing Benjamin say "No, me Benjamin" when someone tries to call him Ben. We're getting close to 3 years, but I think people are finally getting it. Nothing against the name Ben, and we're totally fine if he chooses to go by it when he's older, but for now we like Benjamin. Benjamin just fits right.

Benjamin going to bed ALL BY HIMSELF. Before 10 p.m. This is cooler to us than being potty trained.

Will be booking our plane tickets to NY this week....this will be the first time we've ever ventured onto an aircraft with children. Can't believe it will be to a destination on the other side of the country!

Grant feeding himself. Why did we just now realize that no utensils are needed due to the brilliant design of these veggie/fruit pouches? Did I mention that they're also organic? We now buy by them in bulk.

My husband cleaned I mean REALLY cleaned our garage. It's amazing how much stuff got dumped there from our move last year. Now there is a hook for everything and a carpeted (left over carpet scraps from when we first moved in) runway to take me from the door of my car to the door of the house....When I pull in I still sometimes wonder if I'm in the right house and often think "Who lives here?!" It's fun when I get to proclaim out loud, "I do!"

I know I've gained a lot of patience with our two children (click here for Michelle Duggars article on patience with 19 children!). I realized this when a child (not one of our own) threw-up on a piece of our furniture and I didn't even blink. Yep, my husband and I were as cool as cucumbers. Now, getting us all out the door to go somewhere? That still needs work. This past weekend Grant yet again showed up to a function shoe-less. Shoot.

Staying calm is THE best solution to any chaotic or annoying situation. Even if I'm boiling inside, I think of being in my Yoga class where all I have to do is concentrate on is how to breathe and ta da, all is better. Works great on kids too....just remember when their energy is drained, they have no choice but to feed off of yours! This article also has some great suggestions on how to put the crazy things kids do in the right perspective.

Love, love, love this quote:

"Rules for Happiness: Something to do, something to love, something to hope for."    -Immanuel Kant

Hope you all take part in a MOMENTOUS start to your summer; the weather is finally feeling like shorts and flip flops are here to stay!

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  1. I love this post. I can just envision you beaming! :) And the carpet in the garage would make me that excited, too! Staying calm is the best way, but it is SO hard sometimes. And I am off to try to find those fruit/veggie pouches so K can try them!