Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Fever

a "just cause" surprise from my wonderful husband

In addition to Bieber fever, we've all got Spring Fever around here. After yesterday, I think everybody does!    
Last weekend I also finally made it out to Fashion Place mall. My sister and I enjoyed checking out all the new shops....even if we hit up a few too many kid stores (I swear both boys are now fully stocked for the next two years...I just can't pass up cute clothes on SALE!). H&M's adult clothes did not do much for me, but the kids department is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Especially the little girl section....good thing I have a cute little niece to buy for! Oh, how I'm such a sucker for anything seersucker. The whole nautical/boating/anythingstriped look really. Here's some of the ways we're sporting it for less:

Instead of these expensive Level 99 jeans...

My sister found these Holding Horses jeans on sale from Anthropolgie for me.

Instead of these ever-so-cute but ever-so-pricey fisherman sandals by Hanna Andersson on the left, I found these on the right online for half the price by Wee Squeak. p.s. I originally thought we would immediately remove the squeaker, but have since decided that it's kinda cute (for now anyway). Grant especially seems to like it! Really good quality shoes too. So, if any of you are like me running everywhere in search of inexpensive but well made toddler shoes, you should really consider Wee Squeak shoes.


As I've shared before, I think KMART can have some great kids clothes. Here's one of their cute Vans style (JOE BOXER brand) shoes that I just had to get Benjamin. They also come in Madras plaid, which also somehow ended up in my shopping cart....

Instead of this striped tee from Hanna Andersson on the left, I found this Kids Korner one on the right at Smith's Marketplace for only $7.99!  



Now we're all fit to be SAILORS!

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