Monday, March 26, 2012

One Day

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Since this beautiful golf course is so close to our home, we often take little strolls over by it. Benjamin enjoys watching the golfers, and we're always up for taking in the pretty scenery. Thankfully, his grandparents gifted him a toy set golf set that he loves, which got me thinking about possible child golf lessons. So, I went to Logan's Parks & Rec website and found out that they start at age 4! Not quite young enough for my oldest, but one day. ;) You can find all the details here, as well as here for Logan Parks Summer 2012 Recreation Guide. There is a variety of useful information about swim lessons, adult sport leagues, youth programs and tournaments, zoo events, 4th and 24th of July, Nature Club, as well as a park directory and map.

Kinda random~ this weekend I stumbled upon a dance competition going on here in Logan. Seeing moms with their daughters in adorable dance costumes, make-up bags, and snacks (dance competitions are ALL day events) in tow, immediately reminded me of all my years of dance....I started with ballet and did that from around age 6-8, jazz from 9-15, and cheer from 14-19. I liked ballet but loved jazz and thankfully had an awesome mom who was committed to taking me to dance practices, performances, and competitions. I also had an amazing dance teacher, Shauna who I really admired. In fact, the minute I entered into this high school to watch this dance competition (I secretly STILL want to dance) heard the music, smelled that high school gymnasium smell, and saw the bleachers full of people, I had a flashback to my first dance competition 20 years ago....

I was wearing a black unitard with a red leotard over it with black socks and black jazz shoes.
The night before I had slathered my hair with Dep hair gel and slept in pink sponge curlers to get the perfect curls for my slick back, high ponytail.
I had my mom's permission to wear mascara and lipstick.
We drove to Tooele. Until that day, I had never heard of it.
Moments before it was our turn I got nervous.
We had spent many, many hours practicing in a gymnasium, but I had never seen it filled up with that many people. 
Someone then pointed out that I had a watch on.
We were not allowed to wear any jewelry, I knew that, but had forgotten to take off my ever-so-cool plastic Swatch watch with neon fishes on it.
I quickly took it off and ran it over to my dance teacher.
She said she'd take good care of it for me.
Then I started to cry.
She comforted me, and said it was okay, she understood that I forgot.
I then told her that it wasn't about the watch....I was....I was....nervous. Very nervous.
She then gave me a hug and told me that I was going to do great and that I couldn't cry anymore because it was making all my mascara come off.
I was 10 and had no clue that mascara and crying don't mix.
Thankfully, my nerves subsided and I did a really good job....I even found my mom there in the stands with her friend's borrowed camcorder recording the whole thing.
I felt so special.

I still to this day am so thankful for dance. I was a bit shy growing up, but dance really gave me that extra boost of confidence. There is something so energizing and powerful about performing that I think I'll always appreciate. I look forward to sharing in moments like this with my children whether it be at their first golf tournament, dance competition, or wherever else their interests lie. Regardless, I can guarantee that I'll be there, camcorder in hand, along with a few tears...but at least now I know about waterproof mascara. ;)


  1. I loved this post. I, like you, loved dance growing up as well. I have lots of good memories of dance classes and leotards. You better believe that I am going to be one of those camcorder toting moms. I'm going to be there for every moment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie S. has left a new comment on your post "One Day":

    I always wished I would have taken dance class or gymnastics, but those just weren't in the cards when I was little! :) I loved cheering in high school though, and I would go back in a second if I could!