Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whispers at the park...

I took the boys to the park today. Benjamin was wearing his usual, long sleeve, knit pants, gray hoodie, and sunglasses.
There were a couple of other "big" boys there, my guess around 9 or 10 years old.
Benjamin quickly wanted out of the stroller, and once I un-buckled him, he ran up to them to say hi.
They said hi back, but then huddled together and started whispering....
At first I didn't care, (Benjamin didn't either), but after they started pointing at Benjamin, I got a little curious as to what they were saying....
So, I casually walked by a little closer and this is what I heard (no joke)...

1st boy: I mean, just look at the way his hair is (motions to it being brushed forward), his sunglasses....he looks just like Justin Bieber!
2nd boy: His hair is pretty much the exact same color...it's probably just his sunglasses.
1st boy: No, he TOTALLY does!!!!

Could you just die??????? I was trying so bad not to laugh. I then had to at least text about it to Bart.

Later as we were about the leave, the 1st boy walks over to Benjamin and tells him that he used to have sunglasses like that too. Benjamin (aka Justin Bieber look-a-like) just gave him a big smile.

Our Benjamin already thought he was the coolest guy around, but today's episode with the "big" boys at the park totally confirmed it. Hope I didn't completely blow his cover when I later yelled out..."Benjamin that's too far, stay close to mom!"  


  1. This is so funny!! I recently got the beiber (I have no idea how to spell it) fever. I watched a documentry on him.

  2. HA! This made me smile! How fun.