Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Newness

Isn't this above pic of Keri Russell perfect? I love it. And her. And her entire outfit. So early spring!

Over the weekend we went to the new restaurant in town, Herm's Inn. It was wonderful. It's not every day that one finds a restaurant that does everything just right, but when you do it's worth raving about. I truly loved every single thing about it~ the setting on Canyon Road, the attentive and understanding-of-small-children staff, the interior (click here to see the way the interior designer successfully mixed modern, vintage, and rustic), oh, and the food is also quite tasty. ;) My only complaint is that I wish they had longer hours! So if you also love things like motorcycles on the wall, wood beamed ceilings, colorful French metal chairs, and drinking out of mason jars, then you should really stop on by!

Other exciting changes is Grant's graduation from his infant car seat to a full on upright (but still rear facing) new, big boy car seat! He looks great in it (I know that's every parent's concern, how their child will look in their car seat). Although I will no longer have the convenience of transporting him while sleeping, I hope to slowly get the feeling back in the lower portion of my arms (those of you who have ever awkwardly carried a baby larger-than-average child in a car seat carrier know what I'm talking about).

We've also been enjoying new tunes's the latest from my iPod playlist:
  • You and Your Heart by Jack Johnson
  • Imagine by Jack Johnson
  • Alone by Trampled by Turtles
  • Simple Song by The Shins
  • We Are Young by Fun  
  • Love by Matt White
  • Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
  • I Like It by Enrique Iglesias (helps me to pretend I'm at a Jazz game)

Loved the movie The Artist. Bart and I saw it together on a Sunday and were the only two people in the entire theater! :O This was amplified by the fact that it's a silent film. But, when you are parents to two rambunctious boys, silence of any kind is a whole new kind of lovely. p.s. I'm much more a Peppy Miller fan than George Valentin. 

Hope you all enjoy a great rest of the week! We're looking forward to St. Patty's Day this Saturday and already started celebrating by making these cute cards for our friends and family members and eating Great Harvest's yummy shamrock shaped sugar cookies!

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  1. Loved your St. Patrick's Day card! :) So sweet!

    I told Brandon that in the coming months, we should probably be shopping car seat sales. He of course, is in denial and says she will always fit in her carrier. :)