Saturday, January 28, 2012


I know in the past I've shared how my husband and I have never been big into Valentine's Day, but after taking down all of our festive Christmas decor this year, I found myself longing for some extra pops of color, so out I went searching for some RED + PINK! I found some cute, cute, cute (did I mention they are CUTE?) felt heart stickers at Michaels along with some paper lace heart cut-outs, and after a bit of cutting with some of my own felt (you can also buy at Michaels), and taping (love Herma double-stick squares), I made a whole bunch of these...

as well as a fun letter cut-out of the word: L-O-V-E

and after stringing some red wooden hearts ( ones I already had) with some red + white Bakers Twine, as well as making a "happy valentines day" banner, I came up with an entire Valentine's display all around our pre-existing artwork in our dining/living/play room. Since it's such an easy DIY display, you could create for multiple places around your home...I've since added some lace hearts to our fridge. 

Hope you all have a LOVEly weekend!

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