Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Adj.1.serendipitous - lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries - having or bringing good fortune; "my lucky day" as defined here.

Happy New Year! Like how I'm just now wishing that on the LAST day of the first month of the new year? Ahhh, why not. While I know most people reflect upon the past year, I've decided to simplify things and just reflect upon our past month (after reading all of my mumbo jumbo, you'll probably be most thankful).
  • Last time we took our youngest to the Dr. we waited FOREVER. Picture this stroller, two kids, my husband, and myself in a  tiny little dr.'s office and you'll know why I used caps back there. We tried to be understanding by telling ourselves that our doc is just that good and has a lot of other patients to see right now, etc...but I was annoyed. My husband had taken off time away from work to be there, eating and napping schedules were now totally off...blah blah. I found a gentle way to express this at the end of the visit and our Dr. said to request the first appt. of the day next time. PERFECT (in theory). So for my son's 9 mon. check-up we got the 9 a.m. spot. This appt. was made 3 months in advance. I repeat: 3 months. I should therefore have no excuses. Oh, whatdyaknow come 8:45 a.m. we just couldn't pull it together and now WE were the LATE ones! I came to this crushing realization when someone's shoe could not be found, someone else did NOT want to be changed and dressed, and I needed to track down the infamous diaper bag. BUT- I kept going while repeating "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." (Dori from the movie Finding Nemo), okay not really but at that moment I felt like an absent-minded fish. About half-way into the drive I decided at the next red light I better call the dr.'s office. I was mad at myself and totally prepared to have to re-schedule but SURPRISE the receptionist was beyond sweet. Her voice pleasant. She said "As long as you're here within the next few minutes, it should be fine." Thank you. Boy could she teach the photographers at the JCPenney Portrait Studio a thing or two!
  • I'm usually very good about checking exp. dates on EVERYTHING but somehow I came home with 2 jars of baby food with 11-2011 exp. dates. Thankfully I noticed before I fed them to my son. Just a little friendly reminder to you others who also don't-have-the-time-to-make-your-own-baby-food-and-therefore-feel-just-fine-buying-the-incredibly-convenient-pre-made-stuff.
Hold on.

Had to step away there...my son needed a broom so that he could dance along with the chimney sweepers on Mary Poppins.

I'm back.
  • After scrounging around in my car for spare change to pay my one-day-late library fine, I learned that they allow a one day grace period. Doesn't that just sound lovely?~ one day grace. Thank you I said.
  • I somehow got food poisoning on the night before my car battery D-I-E-D. Car batteries are easy to replace, my esophagus is not. Thankfully, we had a good friend help us out, and my husband was able to take the day off of work. Both are now back in full working order.
  • Parked in a 2-hr only spot for about an hour longer than I was suppose to. No ticket. Thank you city of Ogden.
  • Our youngest decided he was done with crawling and therefore started walking (just turned 9 months). Gasp, congratulate, but please don't apologize- we think it's great, and as I say....they can crawl faster than they can walk! Our oldest is now talk, talk, talking which is highly entertaining. With these momentous milestones being reached, I feel like our family is in this new stage. A stage of two boys running the house (my husband and I just live here too). ;) I know what you may be thinking- "You need to let them know who's boss!" and "Don't let them get away with that!" We've tried. It's no use. We're just thankful when we occasionally have time to run for cover and that so far nobody's gotten seriously hurt. 
As fun and exciting as it is to live this serendipitous life~ I am trying to get back to my words of wisdom typed a year ago here and not feel bad when the inevitable lateness/unexplainable messes just happen. That's real life for a family with young kiddos, and for the most part I think people get that. And if they don't, then they're not worth worrying about! I often remind myself that we can always try again tomorrow as well how important it is to just...enjoy the show

p.s. don't see the movie Jane Eyre. But if you do, see it in the company of good friends, tasty food, and surround sound.

p.s.s. do see the movie Moneyball. It also features the above song The Show by Lenka. It's a lot like the movie Jerry Maguire but with less drama and lovey dovey stuff.

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  1. I've had to call due to running late- I hate it. But sometimes it takes longer for Brayden to get excited about going somewhere.