Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Ruby.

Some may wish for a red card, red roses, or a red heart box filled with chocolates for Valentines Day, but me- all I wished for was a ruby red stroller to come our way....

...and she did!

This little beauty (aka City Select stroller by Baby Jogger) arrived upon our doorstep yesterday and we all couldn't wait to open her up, put her together, and admire her ingenious construction, design, performance, and overall appearance. I know to many this stroller make just look like another pricey baby item, but this stroller isn't like the other strollers. Ruby is different because....

1) she has the capability to add another seat (of equal weight to the main seat of 45 lbs. so a total of 90 lbs.) that EASILY clips in and out and can be configured in 4 different ways. 

2) she has the option to accommodate our Chicco infant car seat, while carrying another 6 mon. + child at the same time in 4 different configurations.

3) she magically folds in half to fit inside the 46"wide x 20"deep x 26" high trunk space of my Scion, while still allowing me to safely see out the back window.

4) she was priced incredibly well since Baby Jogger is about to introduce their 2011 models. We bought ours (as well as the car seat adapter kit, and second seat kit) here and scored on free shipping. Hurry if you're interested- quantities are now limited!

if you can't already tell, I'm ELATED that I found this miracle of a stroller because with number two on the way, I've been pondering just how the 3 of us will manage day-to-day activities while my husband drives his bigger Subaru wagon (I can't drive stick!) to school and work. Since I like to stay very active during the week, we were originally going to buy a cheaper double stroller (knowing it wouldn't fit in my car) to keep handy for local use. I'm so glad we didn't do that and instead splurged invested in a high-end transportation piece that will successfully accommodate my mini car and our growing family.

When it comes to baby gear, I think every first-time parent tries their best to prepare for everything they possibly can think of given their budget. I know we did, so we therefore aren't regretting having to now buy yet another stroller because of all of the good use we got out of the first one. 

For those of you who are interested, our first stroller was the Chicco Adventure Stroller and up until last summer, we still used its matching infant car seat. I can't tell you how many times Benjamin would fall asleep in the car, and how I much I loved the simplicity of transferring the seat into the stroller without having to wake up him or undo him from any straps. The Chicco car seat is also longer than most, lasting him a full 12 months. My only complaint about the Chicco stroller is that it's a bit bulky to fold/pull in and out, but other than that, I would recommend it in an instant to those who are looking for good quality, good value, and one of the top safety-rated infant car seats. And, as #2 states above, we'll still be able to re-use our Chicco infant car seat for baby #2 with Ruby in the same way I did with our Chicco stroller for just a mere $60. As for our Chicco stroller, we're planning to leave it down at my parents house in SLC to save us from having to pack it up and tote it for every trip we make down there. 

Oh, and can I just talk a little longer about how cool #3 on this list is? Before I met Ruby, I looked at many, many double strollers that in no way, shape, or form would fit into my Scion. I know most people would just think now's the time for us to trade it in for a bigger car (people actually said this to me while I was pregnant with baby #1), but I can't just yet. I can't when I think about how great of condition it's in (just 5 1/2 yrs old and still under 35,000 miles!), fantastic gas mileage, and how much we LOVE not having any car payments (hello double $ about to be spent on diapers!). 

So yipppee for one more thing to better prepare ourselves for baby #2 to come into our lives. This, plus our comfy new furniture on-the-way, and I think we're going to be all set for both outward and homeward bound adventures! 


  1. I have been debating whether to get something for 2 or not...most of the time Blake just wants to walk :) I will have to keep this one in mind if we do upgrade- it looks awesome!

  2. That stroller looks amazing! SO glad you were able to get something that fits your lifestyle and growing family!