Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What to Wear

I was hitting a time experienced right after the birth of my first son, which is when I look into my closet and see nothing that I want to wear! :O This got me thinking about how could I possibly feel this way when I have such a full closet and decided that it was due to the following reasons:

a) a good portion wasn't meant to last past 2-3 years (H&M, Old Navy, TJ Maxx)
b) I just turned 30 (believe age is all about how you feel- but I'm definitely NOT out doing the same types of things I once was)
c) I am a mother to two kids under the age of two = messes and lots of active play

So I sorted. 

One pile was of things I had sentimental feelings about and would like my kids to see one day, or could be used as some type of costume (this pile thankfully is being stored at my parents house). Another pile was for give away (worth trying at Platos closet- new one here in Logan!), and the rest was divided up into everyday clothes and dressy clothes. It really freed up a lot of my closet to take out those things that aren't getting everyday wear and now the result is a very clean closet that's more representative of me and my current lifestyle. Now I still have a good portion of good quality clothing (still some H&M) items, along with lots of yoga pants, cotton skirts and shorts, and double duty tops (casual and comfortable, but also fit well and still make me feel "with it.") 

New clothing fav.'s have been from JCPenney (I know, I know, but I live in Logan and shopping here is still VERY limited). Although it took some searching, I came out with a great variety of summer shorts and tops. The Sportsman (Logan local I just recently discovered!) a store that carries sporty brands like Pantagonia, Lole, and this beautiful brand that I just LOVE- Tulle (see jacket at right). After buying a top of theirs at The Sportsman, I knew I was hooked and have since checked out their website and signed up for their e-mail list. They're actually having a sale right now!

I also plan to do a shopping spree at the Tanger outlet stores right after back to school is over with (from working retail I know that's end of Septemberish) in Park that seems like a fantastic place to celebrate my 30th!

While on the topic of what to wear- here's what my newborn is getting a lot of wear out of Eletent! I can't believe I never had one of these for Benjamin. It's is such a cool invention to prevent people from sticking their head in your baby's face and provide instant shade in this hot weather. I bought mine (expensive, but very well made) at the hospital gift shop, but for those of you who are crafty, I've heard there are lots of online tutorials of how to make one.

So if you haven't already done your spring cleaning, I recommend doing some summer purging. You'll feel great and will have the perfect excuse to go shopping afterward- as if any one should ever need an excuse to shop!. ;)

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