Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suited Up

While on my last post topic of what myself and Grant are wearing, I thought I should do another on what my oldest son Benjamin will be wearing...
as a RING BEARER in my brother's wedding next summer!

Yes, it was recently made official that my brother is now engaged. His fiance is a fantastic girl~ Katie. We're all happy to have her join our family and thrilled to have Benjamin play a part in the wedding. Other fun news is that their wedding will take place in NY (where the bride is from) so we have an exciting family trip to the east coast to look forward to! In the meantime I'm having fun browsing little man suits...could these Ralph Lauren dress clothes be any cuter? Even though they're outrageously priced, I LOVE. Also found these charming numbers below...

Love the preppy stripes and herringbone tweed

Love classic khaki with a bright pop of color 

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  1. How incredibly exciting! And those outfits are just too cute!