Friday, February 25, 2011

Growing Up

I like this cartoon because as I've been preparing for our newborn, Benjamin seems to be getting more and more suspicious about what's going on around why there's suddenly teeny tiny clothes hanging from the second rod of the closet in his room the nursery, diapers and burp cloths in mommy and daddy's room The 4th Trimester Nursery, or why we keep detouring him from sitting in his the Boppy. 

In addition to him soon becoming a big brother, at the end of this month he'll also be turning one-and-half years old! When Benjamin was a just a wee lil' newborn I remember asking my mom and sister when they thought we'd be able to see what he was going to look like. I meant, really look like once he grew more into himself and features fully finished developing. They both agreed on the age of 9 months (based on the resemblance I have now to my 9 mon. old pics), so that's when I decided to book his first "official" photo shoot. I know they say babies don't turn into toddlers until 1 yr. but when I look back at those 9 mon. shots now, I still see the same little boy as he is at 18 mon. But, since things are about to get pretty busy around here, and I don't want our newborn in a photo studio until after 6 mon. I decided we should get 18 mon. pics of Mr. Benjamin~ our increasingly independent son, soon-to-be big brother, and incredibly loving little boy.

Here's some fun things he's been doing lately...he keeps us laughing like nothing else!

  • Only eats the chocolate middle out of E.L. Fudge cookies.
  • Helps us unload the dishwasher, but only after licking the spoons and sticking the forks in his mouth while saying "ummm ummm" and smacking his lips (don't worry, we do re-wash them).
  • Gives US wet raspberry kisses.
  • Makes a funny monkey face and says "Ooooh" whenever he gets really excited about something...especially animals!
  • Wipes OUR noses with kleenex and cleans OUR faces with washcloths.
  • Puts OUR shoes (or my Dad's gloves) on his feet and takes a walk around the house.
  • Splish splashes like a crazy man in the bath.
  • Hits the pantry or refrigerator door whenever he's hungry.
  • Constantly waves at any and every moving thing that he sees and greets everybody (even strangers) with a smile. :)

We know we're so lucky to have such a remarkable little man, and look forward to experiencing continued growth and joy that comes from the journey of parenthood.

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