Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool Finds in February

 My husband is the one who sparked this change at our house. Are you sitting down? Good. The change is that....we've switched from using anti-bacterial hand soap to regular good ol' liquid hand soap. We made this change after learning that regular hand soap is just as effective in reducing bacteria, and that using anti-bacterial soap can actually increase bacteria resistance in some bacteria. For the entire article, click here.  

I guess I just always assumed that anti-bacterial was better. So, once I was on board with switching, I tried checking out Bath & Body Works selection of regular liquid hand soaps, and it turns out that they don't exist. At this point I wasn't sure what to do since I've always liked a little nicer than usual kinda soap, but didn't want to pay too much since we tend to go through a lot of soap quickly, so I hopped online to and found out that Mrs. Meyers makes a liquid hand soap! I was delighted, since I already love her All Purpose Lavender cleaner, and was pleased with its price. For you super savers out there: BB&W soaps are about $3.75/ bottle (when you buy 4 for $15) but only for 8 oz. At, Mrs. Meyers hand soaps are $4/bottle (when you buy 2), but you get 12 oz. plus free shipping (offer good to new customers spending $25+), and a free $25 giftcard. You can also score deals (like save $5 when you spend $25) at They're also available at Smiths Marketplace, but are quite a bit more expensive.

Our soaps arrived a few weeks ago, and they are so refreshing and not too drying. I like the modern style of their design and their bottles seem to be easier to get the last of the soap out (unlike BB&W bottles which are so tall and skinny!) I also bought a bottle of their baby hair + body wash as a special treat for our newborn. :)

If I could think of one phrase to sum up our son right now, it would be.. "Me Too!" as he's in a very curious stage of toddlerhood where he likes to see everything going on, imitate us doing it, and sometimes even learn how to do it himself. So, this Me Too chair by Phil & Ted was the perfect find for him and us because it allows him to be right up at countertop height where all the action is at! We still occasionally use his highchair, but he definitely prefers this one. Good thing, because he's about to have another sibling who will be in need of that other highchair before we know it!

Who loves a muffin that is as soft and moist as a cupcake?....I do!

Lehi Roller Mills really knows their baking and I love the time their boxed mixes save me, while not missing out on that delicious homemade flavor. I know these probably aren't the best health wise, but they gotta be fewer calories than a cupcake, right? I found at Smiths Marketplace, also available in Blueberry.

In a moment of snack craving weakness (I am pregnant), I went down the Kettle chip aisle. I usually just don't get on my Kettle kicks until the summer, but I had to check them out to see if there were any new flavors that called to me. I surprisingly noticed a whole new line of their chips called TIAS! Which are more like a tortilla chip. I really enjoyed this Zesty Ranch flavor....for more flavors click here. But be warned- like all Kettle chips, they are addictive!

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