Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny List & Closet Pics

I caught this list posted on Yahoo yesterday entitled "Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know." Since we'll be having a baby in 2011, I clicked on it, and found them all pretty funny....except for the one about Hand-written letters. I can guarantee that our children will know that one for sure, as thank-you notes will be an absolute requirement in our household!

Hope you're all enjoying a fresh start to a new year. I am just now getting around to taking down our Christmas decor, but have been productively purging and rearranging things around the house...just check out these pics of my newly organized closet! 

Can you tell by those folds how I used to work retail? Ha ha.
I am grateful for the walk-in closet that I have, even if it isn't the biggest. My husband generously gave me the entire thing, which still doesn't fit all of my clothes, shoes...and hello, purses!), so I select what I'm wearing most on a day-to-day basis, then rotate it out during seasons with my other items stored in other closets. I think I do a good job at making the best use out of the space while making sure it doesn't get too crowded (I hate trying to yank out things only to have everything else fall out/off along with it). 

A couple of my organizing tips are light weight white plywood shelving (found the ones above at Smiths Marketplace), baskets (found these below at SHOPKO), closet extender rods (found at KMART. Btw- have one in every one of our closets), and storage carts (see here for what I'm talking about, or try Bed Bath & Beyond). 

And last, don't forget to personalize it a bit. After all, you're in there every day, right? My below fashionista pics are a combo of a set of stationery that I framed (top row), a watercolor print that a designer friend of mine painted of me and her other fashion models (large center frame), and fashion hooks from Ballard Design. They all make me happy and add a nice decorating touch/functional storage to an otherwise blank wall.

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