Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cutie Patootie

Oh my gosh- I think I've just found the cutest brand of children's clothing. Ever. 

The brand is called Tea (warning: by clicking on that link, you may feel a strong urge to spend $!) and is based out of San Francisco. 

My mother always says that her favorite kind of children's clothing are simple patterns that don't take away from the child. It seems that non-distracting children's clothing is hard to find nowadays where everything is so heavily branded, or adorned with some type of cheesy saying. Tea's collection is different and oh so adorable. I love their prints and patterns so much I would consider all of them as upholstery/decor in our house. I also just signed up for their catalog and email for good deals! Yes, I forgot to mention that part. They're expensive. They do have quite a bit in their sale section right now though. I also really admire their company philosophy....guess it shouldn't be a surprise that all of that comes with a price!

There is no better name for our brand than Tea. Tea, the drink, is shared in nearly every culture around the world—offering inspiration, warmth and mindfulness. In the same spirit, we offer children’s fashions with the tagline “for little citizens of the world,” celebrating the beauty found in cultures around the world.

Tea started in 2002 in San Francisco with three pima cotton sweaters.  Now, we offer two full assortments. Before we sold our first sweater, we had our inspiration: for little citizens of the world. We want to bring the beauty found in cultures around the world into the lives and homes of families in our own backyard. We believe that if the foreign is familiar – it is no longer foreign. It helps us remember that we all more alike than we are different.

We design lifestyle collections that introduce a subtle, but important global perspective: colors, textiles, or silhouettes that are undeniably beautiful. In that beauty, we can all find a common ground of respect, awe and inspiration. Each season, our design team travels to a new global region to find inspiration for our Collection. They have brought us colors, textiles, and influences from regions throughout the globe, including the Mediterranean, Peru, and Tibet. 


  1. Those look so cute! I am going to their site right now to sign up for the catalog!

  2. You can sometimes find Tea clothing at Downeast Outfitters for a steal! I bought G some cute hoodies and t-shirts there in December!