Monday, January 3, 2011

Maternity Wear

I enjoyed reading a recent article from about a woman's disgust with her mother's maternity hand-me-down's, as well as her own nostalgia felt for a particular dress from her maternity wardrobe. I could relate to the feelings she described in these below paragraphs as I've always believed that our clothing holds numerous powers...much more than just shaping how we look. It also effects how we feel, how we go about our day, as well as the memories experienced from when it was worn.                                                                                                    

It was a dress I'd found in a resale shop. Made of wine-colored velvet, it was long, with close-fitting sleeves and an empire waist. No matter how awkward and huge I'd been in my last trimester, when I donned this dress, I felt graceful and dignified, like a pregnant Jane Austen heroine.
I took the dress from the box and held its soft folds against myself. I'd been wearing this the day my husband surprised me in front of the mirror, ruefully surveying my girth and wondering if I would ever go into labor. He put his arms around my huge belly. "Now I understand why ancient cultures worshiped fertility goddesses," he whispered.
When rearranging my closet to pull out maternity clothes from my last pregnancy, I too had vivid flashbacks when I saw the dress I wore to my shower, my go-to-tops that never made me feel like I was that big, and like the author of this article, a non-maternity dress that always made me feel quite lovely simply by its giving drape and sophisticated pattern; truly my favorite thing to wear during my last month.  

As I reflect on all of these emotions felt while sorting through just 6 months (maternity clothes weren't needed during the 1st trimester of my first) of clothing from my first pregnancy, I remember what a magical and ever-changing experience that was for me and how all of my clothes still carried that magic. I therefore wasn't in dread as I switched around my wardrobe, but optimistically challenged to see how I could make different clothing from different seasons work this time around. I also secretly shop for long tops in one size up whenever at ROSS or TJ Maxx that I think would make for good maternity wear because they have such good deals, and to me there's nothing worse than NOT having a nice variety of clothes/options while pregnant. 

For those of you mama-to-be's~ I also recommend Old Navy and KOHLS. You can find great deals there (sign up for coupons online!), and most everything I purchased from both places for my first pregnancy are still in great condition. As I've mentioned before- steer clear of Motherhood Maternity. Their sales staff works on commission and you feel it the minute you step inside! They also have the WORST nursing bras, and stuff way too much into their little store. Hello, claustrophobia is not the feeling a pregnant woman wants to feel! Pregnant women want and deserve to feel beautiful, capable, and comfortable.

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  1. I came across the dress I wore to my baby shower the other day- Oh how I LOVE that dress! I LOVE Old Navy's maternity line, they have such great deals. And I have a couple of amazing tees from Motherhood, but I only buy online because of the list of reasons you gave!