Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 11

Not too much to report here with the Unsalted flavor for last week. I've never been a big salt person, so that's probably why I didn't miss it all that much. These still have a nice potatoey flavor though, and I must give them props for their very funny flavor description! 

So- all in all I give them a safe 6, but don't think I'd buy them again seeing how there's sooo many other fancier Kettle flavors that I prefer, but if I ever do run into a cholesterol scare, then these are a good alternative. 

PROUD potatoes

Let’s face it. Not all chips should go around naked. Some brands mask sad potato flavor with a host of extreme, unnatural flavorings. We, on the other hand, searched the world over for the ideal potato, gently cooked it to perfection, and let it run around in the buff, just as nature intended. Open up a bag and see for yourself.

Next weeks flavor....Sea Salt & Vinegar

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