Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hand Soap

I secretly (okay, guess it's not a secret anymore) have a bit of an obsession with hand soaps. I know it sounds silly, but it's one of the first things I notice in someone's home and one of my absolute must have's for our home. I like the promise they bring to make things cleaner, happier, and prettier, and therefore only go for the fancy kinds. 

As some of you may have already checked-out, I have a link in my favorite things section for personalized soaps. Who knew you could have beautiful organic bars of soaps adorned with your very own monogram? Right now deals like 5 for $15 at Bath & Body Works are what fit our budget, but one wish I have for them is to go back to their more traditional packaging because every time I go to buy soaps, I find their bottles looking completely different! I'm fine with them introducing new scents, it just has been harder for me to find ones that still match our decor. When I can splurge I love the elegant look and feel of these, not to mention their incredibly delicious scents....  
Caldrea Hand Soap
Olive Lavender Bars
both available at Hip & Humble.

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  1. I love Caldrea! We buy Bath and Body Works now for the same reason but I agree, I hate that they change the packaging especially because I like to buy soap for the scent as much as the bottle! I like Lush bath prodcuts as well.