Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 12

Almost done with this brilliant chip-tasting experiment folks! I know I got a little behind last week, but we went out of town for a much needed vacay. It was nice, but now we're back. Back for loads of laundry, bags to unpack, and grocery shopping to do. I can do it though! As Bart told me the other day....I'm tough! ;) 

So, here's the review for Sea Salt & Vinegar....pucker up! I found them to be strong and sweet, but not as over-powering as others that I've had. These also aren't too salty, which I expected due to the word SALT in the title. One nice thing is you only need a few, unlike some of the other addicting flavors which I HAVE to get the Sharing Size bag of. All in all, I give them an impressive....7!

unconventionally STRONG & tangy
Is it presumptuous to call a chip a harmonic convergence of flavor? You might want to taste this chip before you answer. How else can you describe the perfect balance of zesty sea salt, a hint of tongue-puckering vinegar and satisfying crunch? Your mouth is watering, isn’t it? 

Next weeks flavor...Jalapeno 

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