Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lovin' my son

With our son's first birthday coming up I've been updating his baby book with all of the major milestones that he's achieved, as well as our special moments in my Mothers Journal. Here's some of our moments that I thought I'd share:

  • Eating graham crackers together on the couch. We make a total crumbly mess, but I love how he feeds me some of them too as we cuddle.
  • Going on walks. This is something he and I have done pretty much every day (sometimes 2x a day) since he was just a wee little lad. It's so nice to experience the outdoors with a child and have the peace and serenity that comes with relaxing exercise.
  • Playing the "Knock knock" game. Benjamin loves to open and shut things (especially doors). Whenever he's on the loose, I wait by the door after he shuts it and say "Knock knock, who's there?" He responds with different words like- "Da," "yeah yeah," or a drawn out "yeeees?"
  • Watching him feed himself finger foods, or be fed finger foods. My sister and I both agree that this is like the cutest thing ever. He kinda looks like a little birdie as he opens up his mouth and eagerly sticks his little chin forward. 
  • Moving around the furniture or other large objects. We're not sure where he learned to GRUNT, but he does so pretty loudly when he's determined to figure something out, or using a lot of physical force. He's VERY strong, and funny at the same time!

These moments spent lovin' my son are what makes being his mom such a pleasure. Thankfully, I've been able to be a part of every minute of his development, and am glad I'm not sad about him growing up (I know, talk to me later when goes off to college!). Right now though I'm beyond proud of everything he's accomplishing, and look forward to us all learning and sharing more new things because that's really what life's all about!


  1. I still can't believe he is almost 1. Cute post. I hope you have recorded him grunting on video- they are so cute at his age. Cole loves to watch the videos we have of him as a little guy. It just gets better too.

  2. This was such a wonderful post.