Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Runway Rundown...

Here's my thoughts so far on Season 8:
*SPOLIER ALERT from the Aug. 5th episode!!!*

  • Thank goodness for no more "Models of the Runway." That show had absolutely no purpose and was therefore super booooring.
  • Still bugs me that McKell got sent home on the first episode. Even if they didn't "like" her outfit, there should be a rule that poorly constructed clothes (aka clothes finished with a staple gun) should be kicked off before the ones that don't meet their fashion opinion.
  • I don't think Casanova and I would ever get along very well. He's so far snubbed his nose at Utah, and said he dislikes the color NAVY. Those are fighting words I tell ya!
  • I was laughing so hard when Valerie said that she just realized that someone will really be sent home every week. Hmmmm, isn't that the whole point of the show, to slowly eliminate contestants one by one until the best one is left?
  • I predict that Christopher Collins (I like saying his first and last name together), Mondo, Gretchen (hello back-to-back wins!), and Valerie will be finalists. Click here for pics of each of them. 
  • It seems like there is a designer named either Christopher or Chris on every season.
  • I know I've been doing this whole look-a-like thing a lot with reality stars and actors/actresses, but don't you think that Gretchen is a big time look-a-like of the actress Holly Hunter?  

I'd love to hear who your favs are, so please share! Until then, do as Tim Gunn says and...."Make it work!"

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  1. Love the new look! :) I haven't watched Project Runway yet, but I need to! I LOVE IT and somehow, forgot about it!