Monday, November 9, 2015

Gotta start now...

I think Thanksgiving is great and all, but I've learned when it comes to preparing for Christmas~ earlier is better! Here's a few of my top Christmas finds so far...but first, can you believe the price on these adorable H&M pillow covers? Now that's my kind of Christmas style! Also- take my word when I say these will sell out!
H&M pillow cover $5.99

H&M pillow cover $5.99

I'm convinced one can never go wrong with a classic plaid shirt ~ man or woman. 

H&M Ladies

Shutterfly calendars take FOREVER to make, but every time I've ever gifted one they've always been a hit, plus it's a gift that keeps on giving year round!

Biscoff cookie spread ~ found at Lee's
Every year I try to find a gift that I can give out to our extended family members and a few of our close friends...usually this list is around 10 families long so I need the item to be fairly inexpensive, but still festive and thoughtful. This year I found....Biscoff Cookie Spread which I plan to dress up with a cute red gingham ribbon and family name tag. If you're unfamiliar with cookie spread click here....or just take my word for it when I say it will make your mouth and tummy smile with blissful happiness. ;) Goes best on waffles or pancakes ~ perfect for Christmas morning!

Gingerbread men cookie stickers ~ Hobby Lobby

Galvanized 3D Round Ornament by Celebrate It Christmas
Galvanized ornaments found Michaels Craft Store
Michaels has a great selection of galvanized ornaments right now. At only $2.99 a piece, I picked up at least a dozen and with a simple ribbon tied on top and a permanent marker on the back, they're easy to customize with the year and your family name. They would also make great gift tags. So simple, affordable, and cute! Gift bags shown below were also found at Michaels.

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  1. That cookie spread looks fantastic! I wish I could find something like that around here! And those pillows!! Drool.