Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brown paper packages tied up with string....

Here's another quick and inexpensive (and I mean REALLY inexpensive) holiday gift. I once read that come Christmastime, Martha Stewart would wrap a bunch of small gifts that she'd keep in a basket by her front door so that she'd always have something at the ready to give out. I love that idea of always being prepared! 

The above shown little packages are what we'll be giving out to all of our neighbors, some of our friends, and teachers along with our annual Christmas card. I know you're probably all thinking- "Wait Kate, it's still only November!" But, I find if I don't split up some of my Christmas to-do list before Thanksgiving hits, then I run out of time (and energy!) to get it all done and still enjoy the season. We already have something going on every weekend from the first weekend of December until New Years! :O

All you need to do to make this gift are bags of popcorn (I opted for the 18 pack because of the great price!), some brown wrapping paper, bakers twine, and cute gift tags.

I found my gift tags and brown wrapping paper at Michaels (especially great with one of their 40% off one item coupons) and red + white bakers twine here. Gift tag reads:

Hope your holidays are "POPPING" with fun!


You sure are one "POP"ular teacher! 

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