Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hope you're all enjoying Fall! We're still in go-go-go mode around here....pretty sure that's how life will always be with 3 kids, right? I picked BOO-yah as the theme for this post because of the corny Halloween reference, as well as the feeling I get when I find or learn about something completely awesome! But before I share my latest finds, here's a quick rundown on our crew-

Latest on B: Looking and acting more like a teenager every day. I'm constantly reminding myself that he's 6 and doesn't need to play violent video games (seriously, who makes these?!), take karate or combat classes- not sure if the second even exists, but he's sure to ask me daily about it), or listen to his music 24/7! I guess one could say I'm getting some good training now for the years to come....

Latest on G: Wowing us daily with some type of trick, joke, Super Sonic skill, math problem, song on the piano, or writing of his name! He's also really loving his swimming and tumbling classes. I knew when he was just a baby that he had the build for greatness and he is proving true to that.

Latest on E: Man oh man are 2 year olds a lot. A lot busy, a lot fun, and a lot mischievous....and very quick to change their moods and interests! Lately I've been Elyse's friend, doctor, coloring partner, fashion assistant, dance partner, piano teacher, and her mama. The last one I love best. She also has such a love for her brothers and whenever they're not around she'll say "Where my brothers at?"

This week I'm sending out B's school pics (he looks so old!), putting up another bulletin board at B's school (thanks to Pinterest and The Book Table I'm pretty good at them), and putting together the final touches of B's school Halloween party (BOO-yah!). It's also worked out better for me to do preschool at home for Grant...hence, the no time I ever have!

Now to my latest finds for ME. Lately I felt like I was in a rut with my make-up, so I decided to switch things up to my normal and pretty boring routine....BOO-yah to that!

Found an amazing bronzer by MAC in the color Scone, but unfortunately by the time I got around to sharing it here, I learned that it's no longer available since it was just on a limited edition by Brooke Shields. :( But- I've notified Nordstroms to see if they can try to get it back so if I ever hear that they do, I'll be sure to share! I've also heard Bobbi Brown has a really good one too. It only took me about 10 years to learn that a good bronzer is worth spending the extra money on and now I know to NEVER underestimate the impact the right kind (aka pretty tanish/mauve tone with no sparkles) can have in achieving that pretty and natural glow, plus add a bit more depth and dimension to my face. Application tips: Get an angled brush (I like this one by Bare Minerals) to apply it with and put it on cheekbones, tippy top of forehead, eyelids, and chin.

I know bright pops of lip color has been in for awhile now, but I guess I was intimidated by all the choices and the cost and the overall statement of it all...but after checking out some reviews on these cool and affordable Maybelline lipsticks, I finally decided to try some out and oh my goodness how Maybelline has impressed me with their quality array of gorgeous lip colors at such great prices! My fave red colors are part of their MATTE collection in Craving Coral and Siren In Scarlet. Other fun ones are in their pinky collection (I have Petal Pink) as well as their really pretty lip gloss (Mystical Magenta is super bright but really fun!). If I'm feeling up for pink, it's been working well for me to start first with Revlon's ColorBurst Balm Stain lip crayon in Cherish then layer on top of that. The lip stain color in Honey is more subtle, but also really pretty too especially with a soft neutral gloss such as Ulta's Mineral Lip Gloss in Sheer Opal. Don't be afraid to layer lip stains, pencils, lipstick, and gloss to create your own perfect combo! While on my make-up kick, I also discovered a make-up brand called Sigma Beauty, I saw someone test it on a YouTube video and fell in love with the lip crayon in the color Mirth ~ it's more of a berry red. I'm so glad I've decided to play around with color on my lips- it's amazing how different a lip color can make you feel!

This MAC blush in Mocha is right on. So glad I finally learned how MAC offers matte blush! I feel like this deeper color really makes my make-up more noticeable and dramatic. Next spring I think I'll try the color Lovecloud.

This Estee Lauder eyeliner is so worth the money. No more scratchy wood from other eyeliner pencils (I prefer pencil over liquid or roll-up). AND the color really does stay in place since it's Water Resistant. My color is Coffee and I love the smudgy other side of the brush for a deeper effect, or just to correct when I mess up. ;) I never used to consider eyeliner a part of my everyday routine, but for the past year it has been a definite must for me (call it getting older?), just very subtly around the outer edges of the top of my eyelid and a very thin line about halfway from across the bottom outer corner of my eye (creating more of a V shape working from the outside in).

Bumble & Bumble hair products are hands down my absolute fave!!!! They do what they say they'll do (in my case, tame the frizz), come in pretty packaging, and the smell....the smell I can't even begin to describe- very fresh and clean and I love how there's a slightly different scent for each product. I use this one in my hair when I don't want to do it (really, there's a product for this), and this one on my hair when I do want to do it. Both are brilliant and worth the $ splurge!

A good room spray can be heavenly~ I'm picky when it comes to scents, but after experiencing Volcano No. 6 firsthand at Logan's local boutique, Roolee- I bought it on Amazon asap!

I was in need of some more layering tanks and am loving the softness (modal gets me every time!), breathability, and comfort of Jockey's Supersoft Camisoles. I picked mine up at Smiths Marketplace for $19 a piece but I've also seen them sold at Kohls, or of course the ever-so-convenient Amazon.

Have a great rest of October!

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  1. I am prepping for Brayden's class party, too! As well as getting him well before Kris's wedding this weekend!