Thursday, April 9, 2015


....a new headboard for us! Last month Downeast Outfitters HOME was having an additional 10% off all of their headboards and I knew instantly that this Houston style in Natural tweed fabric (which is upholstered all the way down the floor btw) was exactly what I'd been hunting for all these years. Perfect height, perfect quality, perfect shape. Read all about our previous headboard purchase gone wrong 3 years ago here.....

Lamp shades in tan ticking fabric from Pottery Barn (purchased back in 2011) silver lamp bases from Lowes
Bedding ~ Nautica comforter. Shams, bolster pillow, and quilt Betthany bedding by Pottery Barn (purchased back in 2011) 

Finally discovered an easy way for me to work-out and I owe all of my thanks to The Gym Box via Amazon. It's kinda funny to watch the expressions on my kids faces while I'm doing the videos....they either read: "Is she actually doing this?" or "We better get out of the way!"

Talked for a long while about setting up a little school in our home but finally did it this week! I will try to share pics sometime. Basically we just moved our Pottery Barn mini kids table and chairs into our guest room/my craft closet room and hung up some fun learning visuals and a wipe board. Bring on summer school with Mrs. Mom as their teacher!

Decided I finally need to cut back on my carb intake. My in-laws gifted us this cool gadget, so hopefully I trick myself and others that vegetables are pasta.

New bedtime routine here! We all used to procrastinate and postpone bedtime. But after my last post, I really did decide I want to be the ones who put our handsome little men to bed. The kids and I have been going to the library for years now, but just recently got into the habit of picking up chapter books to read together (found in the Juvenile Fiction area) and the boys and I now so look forward to this time together every night with all 3 of us scrunched in one of their twin beds. Sorry Bart, I know you loved doing this too, but it's nice for Elyse to have some one-on-one time with her Daddy since I still get to put her down for her naps!

Ok, I am heading back upstairs now....unidentifiable bumps and thumps are occurring and Bart is staying late after work tonight for a meeting so I better do my best with managing our time and keeping us occupied in the right kind of ways for the rest of the day! :O

 p.s. hope you all had a fun EASTER! If you live in Utah, you know how perfect the weather turned out to be on that EXACT day of Easter Sunday. Thurs. and Fri. before...chilly. Monday after, rainy! LOVE all of the epic fun we shared with all of my family as we hunted for eggs, raced with eggs, decorated eggs and had wars with our eggs! Church that day was lovely too followed by family photos taken out in front of our home and Easter brunch on our backyard patio. Oh how I love SPRING and spending good quality time with family....thanks again Aunt Konnie and family for traveling out here!

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  1. I am desperately trying to change our bedtime routine. Brayden goes to bed just fine, but Kenley still wants to be rocked. It makes me really unmotivated at the end of the day! :)