Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That Moment.

Perpetual boyhood: illustration for Peter Pan by Kathleen Atkins. Illustration: Courtesy of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

Watched the movie Finding Neverland the other day (currently on Netflix) and connected with it so much. It's right up there with my favorite children's story...Wynken, Blynken & Nod. I can't predict when certain people, things, sayings will grab me, but when they do it's like they strongly take hold of my soul....quickly sending to me tears. Good tears though. Like when you feel it so much it hurts and feels good at the exact same time.

Favorite quote of the movie...."Little boys should never be sent to be bed because when they do, they're always a day older when they wake up." There are so many bedtimes when both my husband and I are rushing through the motions...they're tired, we're feels like so much extra work at the end of a long day! But really, bedtime is a magic time...stories are shared, cuddles are had, connections are made. These reasons are reasons enough for me to get into my pj's sooner and just give in to the day!

Other special moments....

Bart brushing our daughter's hair in the middle of the night (after showering due to bouts of her throwing up :O) and telling her she's going to be just doesn't get any sweeter (she's fine now btw). 

Kids running around (some clothed, some not) in our backyard to the AC/DC song THUNDERSTRUCK...I'm convinced one hasn't lived until they've really let loose to this song.

Benjamin making a chart for Elyse illustrating all of her recent milestones like her...Jumping with both feet! and....Doing the splits!

Grant following suit and drawing a picture of Elyse getting his shoes for him. ;)

Elyse joining us in our bed in the middle of the nights and always instantly falling right back to sleep in between the two of us.

Realizing Elyse will probably be our last...had this moment back while in labor with her but wasn't sure when I'd be ready to share it. In a way, I'm glad that I know this. Other times I get nostalgic about the wonders of pregnancy, exciting joy of welcoming a new being into this world, choosing their name, and changing the dynamics of our family in such cool new ways.... I also know we don't always get to be the decider of these things just the feeler, but right now we feel like we're complete!

Remembering the day I made the decision to stay home with our children for as long as I am needed, and feeling the perfect answer in my heart and complete support from my husband to do so.

Go away to Neverland and you won't regret's a beautiful place once you surrender to the imagination, love, and curiosity of children.

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  1. That little boys quote is one of my absolute favorites. :)