Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Garland

I came across this cute garland (scroll all the way down to the end of that link) a couple of years ago and finally got around to re-creating it! Below are my how-to and final product's inexpensive, easy, and festive!

Side note: I bought this pre-made wreath from Michaels, I just added the brown ribbon to it.

Here's a shot of everything you'll need! I found all at Michaels craft store except for the plastic leaves which I already had.

Step 1: Measure out your twine (I just laid it up and over my door frame) but one tip I have is to add a bit extra to how long you think you want it, to account for all of the knots you'll be doing for each of the items which I learned shortens it.

Step 2: Hole punch your leaves. I learned that you can do this on plastic ones! Cool, huh?

Step 3: Lace the twine through each of the pieces creating a pattern of pine cone, acorn, leaf or whatever you want. For the acorns and pine cones, I just wrapped the twine around it with a knot

 And voila! Here's the final product. And because our door frame sticks out a bit from our siding, I didn't even have to fasten it, I just tucked it behind the two upper corners of the door frame. Really, really easy and a great way to add beautiful fall colors to the entrance of your home!

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