Sunday, October 26, 2014


Finally found Gardein- the best of the best when it comes to meatless meat! I first heard about this on Ellen (like 2 years ago), so you can imagine my excitement when Bart spotted this in the frozen food section at Smiths Marketplace here in Logan. I've so far tried the Chicken Sliders, Crispy Chicken Tenders, and the Fishless Filet - all very yummy!!! I think they go for around $3.50 per bag and you get between 4-8 in each.

Came across this 3-pack of Krusteaz Pumpkin Baking Mix at Sams Club last month and have LOVED it! My favorite part about it is how it comes with 3 recipes all that can be made with the mix packets included such as Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, and even Pumpkin Pancakes!

Now for the funny part of this post....get ready because I mean really funny! And appetizing....okay, not really. But still I'm promising you on the very funny.

For the most part our 3 1/2 yr old Grant does a really good job helping me at the grocery store....often times he'll be able to select which brands we buy of what, and even reminds me what we're out of, but as I've learned, the candy bins and the candy rack by the check-out are just TOO TEMPTING for him. So, for these areas of the store I'm sure to play extra close attention to him. 

But, on this most recent occasion, I was in the juice aisle which I didn't know had a container of Lindt chocolate balls right at his eye level behind me and this time he was extra sneaky....he not only unwrapped it without me hearing it, but then he put the empty wrapper back in the bin. It wasn't until about 2 aisles later that I noticed his mouth was full of something.....I looked at him straight in the eyes so I could once again recite my line of "We can't take things from stores without paying for it" but then I realized his big-eyed look wasn't "I'm sorry," it was "Mom, I'm going to throw up." (btw- I can confidently say that after 5 years of parenting I know this look well). I told him "It's okay! it's okay! it's okay! Just swallow it, and don't do it again." I suggested this because I thought maybe he felt really bad about taking it, or he just had too much of it in his mouth but then he blurted out "I can't, I don't like it!"

And there right in the middle of the grocery store, the sputtering out pour of bubbly, gooey chocolate began.

It reminded me of one of those chocolate fountains (you know, the kind you see at weddings or in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) only way less appetizing of course since the chocolate was now being regurgitated. I quickly lunged for the baby wipes in my purse and did my best to sop up as much of it as I could, but this now relentless monsoon of chocolate had completely covered the entire front of his shirt complete with oozing drip marks down both his shirt sleeves and pant legs. Oh me oh my. :O 

There were of course some onlookers....(I don't blame them, it really was a scene you don't see everyday). I think one lady thought I was trying to get him to spit it, trust me I was definitely NOT wanting that, what was done was done! After he was finished, I made sure we went back to the aisle so that he could show me where he found it so that we could pay for it. When we were being run up, I had to share the story with the check-out lady who had a good laugh about it....then Grant looked up at us and just when I thought he'd say something along the lines of, "I won't do that again!" he instead said "Yeah, those big chocolate balls aren't very good." Oh man, he is a funny one! For another fun grocery store experience (4 years ago with Benjamin), click here.

And lastly....just a couple of weeks ago that same curious young lad of ours (Grant) decided an arm of a Lego man looked appetizing enough to eat! After confirming that he did in fact consume it, I immediately called our pediatrician. After describing the small plastic object to the nurse, she told me that it would come out when he went to the bathroom, but that it may take a couple of days. Okay? I thought. Then she says the next part of "You should make sure though." Okay..... I thought again, then quickly wished he wasn't potty trained (never thought I'd say that!). I then called my mom and without hesitation she said, "Pull out your training potty and get some plastic knives" in the same tone an Army Commander would say "Bring in the troops!" Her tone was what I needed to get into full-on poo search committee mode....only I was a one-woman army for this assignment. Really, I had no other choice but to wait, contain, and search. See, I told you this was FUNNY!!!!! :O

Come 2 days later, I successfully discovered that glorious Lego piece. This truly brought motherhood to a whole other level for me.....not because of what finding that Lego piece entailed, but because of the satisfaction I felt when it was found. :) As every mom can attest - all in a days work!

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