Monday, July 19, 2010

Best/Worst Movie Picks & Cupcakes!

Benjamin played lots and slept lots this weekend so I surprisingly had the time to watch another movie. The last movie I rented was THE BOX starring Cameron Diaz and it was dreadful. Dreadfully creepy, dreadfully sad, and most of all, dreadfully odd. I would  put in down there with my other least fav. movie CORALINE (we really don't have the chance to see movies very often!) and give it the WORST MOVIE of the year award so far.

So, I decided to go safe this time around with some Oscar picks, like I mentioned in the last post, CRAZY HEART. Since CRAZY HEART is one that I want to watch with Bart, I went with AN EDUCATION and highly recommend it!!!! Carey Mulligan is the starring actress (nominated for best lead actress at only age 25!) and plays this role PERFECTLY. I really loved the story too and how it captures that tender age of adolescence. It left me feeling so grateful for my education and my incredibly supportive and modern-day parents. Women have come SUCH a long way, and not a day goes by when I'm not thankful for those trailblazers who made the rest of our dreams possible!

While treating yourself to a delicious movie, you should also pick yourself up a sweet lil' cupcake at this new local cupcakery called Temptation Cupcake. Our friends treated their son's b-day guests to these scrumptious delights and we all were in heaven. Thanks again Liz and Cheif!  

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  1. Always enjoy your take on movies as you find something interesting to think about with a different perspective! Thanks for your reviews.

    I had a chance to watch two tv movies (true stories involving lessons learned and obstacles overcome) this past weekend which I will easily recommend:
    1) Freedom Writers with Hillary Swank and
    2) Front of the Class (Hallmark Channel).
    Both movies are excellent examples of how to carry on when the going gets tough. We all need a reminder of hope and kindess - makes such a difference in our lives!