Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"You make a great pen-pal!"

This is the compliment (yes, I do consider that comment a compliment) my husband gave me after I confessed to him how much MORE I love to communicate via pen to paper (or keyboard to computer screen) versus talking on the phone. Even though I am thankful for the invention of the phone (it can be a true lifesaver!) I just don't like how it can invade my life. E-mail can do this too, which is why I only allow myself to engage in that at one place: my computer desk. 

Now don't get me wrong, I do like to talk, I just prefer to do so in person. When that's not an option, then I like to write people. I love the serenity that comes with taking a moment- my moment - at my time - to share my thoughts as well as the anticipation or surprise of something arriving in my mailbox. I know there is impracticality in this, but I refuse to call my way less personal. It's simply what I prefer to do (I've always been this way), hence the title of this post, and my endless supply of stamps & stationery!   

To read more about how technology can steal our lives, check out this article from salon. You may start to reconsider the true need behind high-tech communication gadgets and go postal!

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