Saturday, August 9, 2014

Painting = Metaphors for Life

We finally got around to painting the interior of our home!

Okay, let's be real.

Today we prepped and primed ONE room. Nevermind that I first attempted to take down this country lovin' wallpaper border (see proof below) months ago...

but thankfully, this weekend (we're just one month shy of living here for 1 yr btw) was the weekend we finally decided to make something exciting happen around here because you know, with 3 kids running around we're always eager to find more ways to tire and stress ourselves out. :O

Now that we've been there and done that, I'm here to say that that's what we think painting is: tiring and stressful. I liken it to potty training because both are...
  • Messy
  • Inconvenient
  • Time consuming
  • Require good timing
  • Require lots of patience
  • SO GREAT when it's all over with!

But- the picking out of paint colors....Ohhhhh, now that part is another story.

That part I LOVE and could do

Really, if you ever need someone to analyze and have deep conversations about which paint color you should chose, I could seriously talk shades, hues, tones, intensity, color meanings, color feelings, paint names, and coordinating swatches with you ALL DAY LONG. Just ask my husband. The first day I entered a paint store I came home with at least 10 brochures and 30 paint samples. None of it was overwhelming or confusing to me...I guess all my years following interior design in some way/shape/form (thank you HGTV) was already stored away in my brain just waiting to be used!

I now can proudly explain the difference between Eggshell, Satin, and Semi Gloss finish, how NOT TO take down wallpaper, the importance of good wall prep, and how to ALWAYS GET SAMPLE QUARTS BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO YOUR PAINT COLOR.

Color samples listed from top to bottom: Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow, Pure Performance Tuscan Sun, Pure Performance Butter Cookie, and Benjamin Moore Weston Flax

Photos of our completed painted kitchen to come!


  1. Hi Kate...I look forward to seeing what color you pick. I ended up with at least 10 different shades of gray on my wall before I found the right one...I LOVE remodeling/decorating...have fun! :-)

  2. Love that last tip! learned that the hard way in the old house. HATED our master bedroom!