Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life is like a...

....spoonful of a cherry!

[photo taken by me at the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. I didn't realize I caught this little boy in the pic but think he does a good job representing the actual scale/size of this sculpture]

This past weekend my newly turned 1-year old daughter (pics of her Vintage French themed b-day party to come!), Elyse and I took a little trip out to Minneapolis, Minnesot-ah (ha ha on the Minnesota accent) with my parents for my cousin's wedding. I was so excited for the opportunity to jet out somewhere fun and to spend some time with my extended family.

My cousin's wedding was lovely. You truly had a beautiful day Mary! Her brother, Jack is a Priest and the sermon he gave really spoke to my heart. It's always a JOYOUS event to be with my mom's side of the family and it really gave us all a warm and fuzzy feeling to feel everyone's happiness and love. 

And because I'm still not over how cute our little Elyse looked, here's what she wore:

While on this trip we also found some time to go SHOPPING! I had to capitalize the word: SHOPPING because along with the numerous other fun things to do in Minneapolis, SHOPPING is a big one of them as they don't have sales tax on clothes or shoes and they are home to the MALL OF AMERICA! For those of you unfamiliar with this place, it's huge. Like ginormous. Like, you better take a picture of where you enter because at some point YOU WILL GET LOST. To give you a better idea of just how big it could fit 7 Yankee stadiums inside it. Or, 32 Boeing 747 airplanes. Or, 258 Statue of here for more amazing facts...long story short- the place has over 500 stores and it will BLOW YOUR MIND.  

photo credit here

Favorite finds were darling baby toddler clothes for Elyse at H&M.
Make-up at AVEDA (i will never ever ever put anything non-organic + heavenly on my skin again!) Specifically this color gloss (non sticky), this face powder (non shiny), and THIS INCREDIBLE HAIR CREAM perfect for my straight/wavy curl hair type!!!! Seriously, you have to try it! It infuses into your hair and even stays in it for up to 3 days!
Roll-on cologne (I'm now in love with the scent Aqua Coralline) by Thyme

The Lowry Uptown is one of two new restaurants on a stretch of Hennepin Avenue.

photo credit here and here
This awesome restaurant. The Lowry. Don't you just love it when you find a restaurant with REALLY good food with a REALLY cool ambiance?! Even though none of us are exactly *hipsters* we were all smitten with this place.

Aside from seeing family and shopping, it was really nice to have some time with just my parents. They're the kind of people I really like to be with and Elyse and I had a lot of fun mommy + daughter moments. To make sure my boys didn't feel left out, I came up with this fun game to play with them from afar; I really think it's quite genius! I like it because it creatively involves the people that you're not traveling with by including them in on all the fun things you're viewing/experiencing.

Traveling Photo Adventure Challenge 
Materials needed: A cellphone that takes photos, and willing participants.

Here's how it works: You (the traveler) find an object (anything that you think they'd enjoy guessing or that holds special meaning to where you're visiting). Then you think about how that object could be divided up into parts (ie separate photos). Send the first photo/clue on your phone, wait for the guesses....then the second photo/clue, repeat until they guess it! 

Example: While at the Mall of America, I spotted one of the the characters, Pedro from The Backyardigans. He was blown up as a large wall sticker so I went up close and took pictures (see below) of him and texted them each to my husband who showed them to our boys. They guessed it correctly on only the second try which they were rewarded with some gummy bears that I had hidden for them at home. :) When taking the pics, try to play a bit with the scale so that the viewers think about how things singularly make up something as a whole. Fun, right? Y-E-S!, says Pedro!

Photo 1

Photo 2

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  1. Sounds like a fun time! That dress is DARLING. And I need to get to the mall of america ASAP!