Monday, May 12, 2014

Moms are the real MVP's

This video of Kevin Durant's MVP acceptance speech was shared with my mother and I by my brother. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Kevin talks very openly about his humble beginnings and credits where he is today because of his mother...a real must-see in my opinion (note the video is quite long....the part that I liked the most is after the 23 min. mark.). 

"I don't think you know what you did."  

"One of the best memories I have is when we moved into our first bed, no furniture, we just sat down on the living room floor and hugged each other."

"You made us believe."

"You sacrificed for us."

"You're the real MVP!"

SO impressed with the way he spoke, cried, and thanked his mother. It doesn't matter that he's a grown man, a big-time NBA superstar, or an NBA MVP. He knows his roots, acknowledges the sacrifices made by his mother, and credits HER on stage for what he's become. 

As a mother, I often try to keep my perspective on the long term of raising capable, considerate and confident people (even though I am now typing this one-handed because Elyse is squirming around on my lap and my boys are doing who-knows-what upstairs :O).  I'm fully aware that anything else I could write right now pales in drastic comparison to the numerous challenges other mothers have faced or are currently facing. I am ever-grateful for the role I have and the lessons motherhood has taught/is teaching me.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mothers Day!

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