Thursday, May 8, 2014

Recent findings...

Can you believe school will be finishing up soon? Today we just received an invitation to our son's preschool graduation program {can't wait!} and I've already been lining up our summer calendar with outdoor get togethers. As much carefree fun as summer brings, I still LOVE this springy time of year with the weather being so pleasant out ~ no sunscreen needed ~ light spring rain here and there ~ flowers blooming and spreading their fresh sweetness into the air...

But, some structure can also be good too, hence the summer bucket lists we're seeing all over blogland. While I've yet to feel the need to do or make one of those (let's just say that my kids currently don't have any problem coming up with their own daring/random/crazy/fun ideas), I'm all about taking part in some fun activities to keep everyone learning and busy. Thankfully, USU has just put out their 2014 Summer Activity Guide which is filled with just that as well as new local magazine called Cache Valley Family Magazine. I picked up my copy at Storks Landing but you can add yourself to their email mailing list on their website. I found it to have great ideas and listings of everything going on in the valley...definitely worth checking out!

Speaking of things going on in the's a few new Logan cafe/restaurants...

Johnny O's Spudnuts- NOW OPEN!
630 S. Main Street

Johnny O's Spudnuts
As Courtney Wilkes Packer stated on the Johnny O's facebook page..."If you weren't aware donuts are the new cupcakes"  Ha! Love it. Looking forward to checking this place out.

Fizz N Fryz- 111 E. 1600 N.

Fizz N Fryz

I love good french fries AND tasty dipping sauces. I know my kids will enjoy too!

Romo's Mediterranean Grill - 661 N. Main Street

I'm always aching for vegetarian food options and am sooooo thankful we now have a yummy place to get falafel! While the line was long (that's a good sign for a new place!) last Saturday night, it was worth the wait.

As taken from a recent article in The Herald Journal...

Romo’s Mediterranean Grill
Having started a successful Mediterranean restaurant in Salt Lake City, Jill and Steve Romo plan to open their new grill in early January where Papa Kelsey’s was previously located at 661 N. Main St. in Logan.
“It was just right timing, spot, so we decided to open up again,” Jill said. “All of our pita bread is made fresh; our slogan is ‘a pita is born every minute.’ ... It’s all fresh, handmade food.”
At the space on Main Street, the old sign has been taken down, and construction crews are working on the interior design. The couple plans to remove the walls of the kitchen so patrons can see their food being cooked.
“We’re trying to keep authentic flavors with all kinds of influences that surround the Mediterranean,” she said. “We’re excited to be first traditional shawarma (Middle Eastern grilled meat) house in Cache Valley. Cache County is in need of a great authentic Mediterranean restaurant.”
Papa Kelsey’s is now located at 165 E. 1400 North, which used to be home to Labeau’s hamburger restaurant.

And lastly, I would also like to share the recent debut of Janet Lansbury's {mother and child educator} new book: Elevating Child Care: A Guide To Respectful Parenting. I've yet to pick up a copy of it for ourselves, but do subscribe to her weekly newsletters and sometimes catch some of her podcasts. I think she does a great job at capturing the true essence of children and explaining (with real-life examples) how we can do our best job parenting in an insightful + feel-good sortof way. Kudos to you Janet!

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  1. That sounds like a book I must read! Hopping over to Amazon... :)