Friday, April 18, 2014

Let's Not Make It Harder

Quick little suggestion: Click here to listen to this song entitled Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson while reading this post. It gave me the idea for this post title, plus it will make you bob around a bit in your chair. ;)

Before I became a mom I thought nothing of going out somewhere. Now I know those simple acts of looking presentable, being fed, going to the bathroom, finding shoes (preferably 2 that match), walking to the car, getting inside the car, and getting buckled in the car x4 people is...A TALL ORDER!

But days out can be so good for us. So, we (the 3 kiddos and I) do about 3 outings a week.

On the other days I like E-A-S-Y. I know, no such thing with a busy, young household such as ours-  but I'm still a tryin' to consolidate, forget about, and do without as often as possible to really simplify our living style.

I'm not going to say I don't still want things (the other day I was really longing for cable t.v.....), or that I don't get a little stir-crazy every now and again (while I love being home, I'm also a people person), or stress about things out of my control but as the above quotes suggest: it's good to take a new route to your thinking patterns, and to give in to being yourself.

So I've been embracing more of the not-so-perfect things, relishing more in our countless joys, and giving in more to just being. This is something I have to train myself to do because as my friend Tami once told me, "I'm a do-er!" This attribute in me has its pros and cons. But I no longer want to feel as conflicted about them, so I'm now just doing a little here and a little there and thankfully it gets noticed AND appreciated and that makes me feel good.

Other little things I like....
  • Less blame. More hugs.
  • Eating meals outside (our picnic table arrived this week! Outdoor pics to come soon- promise!)
  • Quiet time in the house from 2:30-5:30 (this one is definitely hit or miss!)
  • Limited time mindless Internet surfing...I like the saying "If it can't be done in 1 hr, than it's not worth doing!"
  • Simplified To Do Lists and more "If it fits in my day, then it shall get done."

posted with permission from creator, Armelle

I spotted this cute Easter treat last year on Pintrest and remembered this year to pick-up all of the ingredients for it. Doesn't it look oh-so-cute AND guess's oh-so-easy!

This cutest book - Squid & Octopus by Tao Nyeu
Can't get enough of the adorable illustrations and commentary in this book. It's both sweet and funny (like really funny in a quirky off-beat sort of way). ;) Makes me smile every time I read it with my boys.

Some fulfilling and interesting reads I came across on blogs this week...

Building A Cathedral Story
I've never heard this one, but it was referenced in this story in relation to raising children and TOTALLY rang true to me and my role as a mother.

On love, laundry, and finding satisfaction in the work of nurturing
The Happiest Home blog, Maegan

Stay At Home's Mom Annual Salary
Notes On Parenting blog
Yep, that's right folks- mom's put in 100+ hours a week. I'm not a big numbers person, but I did like seeing these little charts counting everything that I do on a daily basis. A mother's constant tiredness is no joke!

Sibling Fights
Notes on Parenting blog
Doesn't offer a solution (I read it hoping for one- ha ha!), just more of walk-through of why disagreements between siblings occur.

Hope you all enjoy a fun Easter weekend!

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