Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Paradise

Read on if you....

Love period dramas set in the 1800-1900's
Enjoy books by Julianne Donaldson {Edenbrooke, Blackmoore}
Longing to find your next fix on Netflix!

Funny story about how I came across this series The Paradise....for months now I've been trying to find my next series to get into. I really like a nice little bedtime story to help with my winding down before I'm completely ready to fall asleep. I wasn't having any luck UNTIL last week when I was at the library browsing their NEW books section when the book The Paradise by Emile Zola caught my eye. I checked it out then a couple of days later, randomly noticed this series on Netflix, which is based on the book ~ what a happy coincidence!

In a week I already finished the 8 episodes of the first series {all that's currently available on Netflix}. I liked it so much I had to get online to find out if there was a Season 2. Good news is there is (which I just purchased as an early b-day present to myself - shipping all the way from UK btw) but sadly, BBC decided to cancel it after that. :(. I still highly recommend it ~ it's probably quite similar to the PBS series Mr. Selfridge, a show also based on a department store in the early 1900's.

Not to give too much of the plot away, it reminds me of my shop girl days...specifically H&M in NY and Chicago. Like The Paradise's main star {Denise}, many of my co-workers typecasted me as the innocent and naive girl from a small town {sometimes it's like people think Utah is on another planet!} which at times made it very difficult for me to speak my mind or be seen with higher credibility or authority. I fought through it as much as I could and learned a lot in the process. I was also lucky to make friends with a lot of my co-workers, similar to how they refer to the employees at The Paradise as their second family.

Next up I'll probably look into watching Mr. Selfridge or Downtown Abbey which has been recommended to me by many...is streaming from amazon via WiFi the best way for those shows if we don't have  t.v. or cable? Does anyone know the cost for amazon or hulu streaming subscriptions?

Other places feeling like paradise to me....

Natural Grocers in Logan ~ yes, it's now open! And yes, they have A FANTASTIC vegetarian selection and better price than other grocery stores on many of their organic items. Don't forget to bring your own shopping bags!

Bella Me Boutique Logan
Bella Me Boutique ~ if you haven't been there yet, you will DIE with how CUTE and WELL-PRICED everything is...EXACTLY what Logan needed! I've yet to ever walk out of there empty handed and so far have found the quality of all my items to be really great! I you haven't been yet you really must go...GO NOW! :)

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  1. That is the second recommendation for that show that I have read this weekend! Guess I will have to check it out:) We have amazon prime, which enables video streaming. It has been $79/year (which includes free 2-day shipping as well as the video streaming), but I think they just increased the price to $99/year. We don't have cable either, but we don't watch very much tv - PBS or DVDs for the kids and we have had good luck streaming amazon videos through our BlueRay player over our internet. I love Downton Abbey! It is on PBS Sunday nights for several weeks in January/February so you have plenty of time to get caught up before season 5 starts:)