Monday, January 21, 2013

Pile Up!

This picture was taken with my cellphone...
it really doesn't do the situation justice.

Allow me to describe (I am one of the lucky ones who got to see it in person)...every single organized container of Duplos, cars, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals, rocking horse, car track, bucket, stool, basketball hoop, balls, and heck, even some bedding- why not? was thrown into this huge pile by my 3 1/2 year old, Benjamin (that blurry flash of a toddler in the left). It all happened while Grant and I were downstairs. Oh, but the funniest (if you call 2 hours of cleaning funny) part of it all was how he was soooo serious about it having a purpose (other than making one ginormous mess). In case you couldn't's his SUPER DUPER MACHINE and every.single.little.part. does something really cool. I guess the good news is that no one got hurt, nothing was broken, and nothing gross was involved in the clean-up.

Other things piling up around here....

Laundry- I swear I only took like 3 days off from it, but today all of our dirty clothes baskets were officially ready to topple over.

Things under the couch- okay, not really able to pile up, but let's just say random toy parts and bits of foods are rapidly gathering under there (I wonder what is our new housekeeper going to think?!).

Photos to order and document- I haven't done any photo album updating since Grant was still an infant!

Stuff in our garage- we use every inch of living space in our home (quite effectively I must add), but have only ONE storage closet. SO- things just get put in the garage. Hasn't been too big of a problem UNTIL we realized that the new car that we're still currently shopping for....the new BIGGER car won't fit UNTIL we clean the garage. Ugh. Cleaning out a garage in 5 degree weather is NOT my idea of fun.

But- tonight I'll be folding all that laundry (while watching that fakey, addicting, Bachelor show....judge if you must) and....that's it. As far as I'm concerned every thing else on the list can just go away. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Kate, I read all your blog updates via RSS and I just have to say that this one might just be my favorite!! I literally LOL'd! That had to have been a priceless conversation learning about this fascinating machine. Kid after my own heart to be sure.

    Your cousin, Mary G :)