Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Many Kinds of Right

"There are many kinds of right."

I heard this quote last week and it's stuck with me as I've been able to apply it to many things....the right time to have another child, the right amount of spacing between each child, the right number of total children....these are just some examples of things that there isn't just one right answer to. 

As we adjust to fit everyone in our home (I know we've got months and months still before baby #3 but I can't help but visualize his/her special little space), and in our cars, we're faced with some ?'s, even some conundrums, but nothing I know we won't be able to find a solution for. I do love that about my husband and I - we always put each other before things and we're completely up for the challenge, the fun, the blessing of another family member added to our lives.

One thing that I've found with this third pregnancy is the sudden amount of street creed I've received. At various times I'll get asked if this is my first pregnancy, and I'm always quick to respond: "It's my third." At first even I was a bit surprised to hear how that sounded...THREE kids! But now I'm ready to roll with it. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to experience another pregnancy and really feel like this is our "right" time to grow our family. Other than a tired and queasy first couple of months, everything so far has been going great...unless you find me HUNGRY. I've decided one of the most overlooked things about being pregnant while mothering two other little ones is the lack of time I have to prepare meals for myself and when I do, how quickly I must eat before being attacked by two other suddenly hungry people! :O I've since come up with the defense of planting sources of food elsewhere in our home....that and their devoted interest in the t.v. show Caillou have really been lifesavers for me. Oh, the things you learn as a tried and true parent!   

Hope you all enjoy a good week. I've found a Prenatal Yoga class that I absolutely LOVE and this week is Game Night with my gal pals. It's always great to have some fun activities to look forward to!

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  1. So glad you are feeling so well! That in itself is a huge blessing, especially with two others to chase!