Thursday, October 25, 2012

Latest Loves of Fall

In Logan, you know fall is officially here when it first snows. Before then your wardrobe could've still been in short sleeves and flip flops mode, jeans instead instead of capris, maybe even a little sunscreen....but now? Now us Loganites are all about the thermals and winter coats. Skip the jackets, I can see our breath in the air. Mittens and/or gloves aren't a bad idea either and while you're at it, you might as well toss on a beanie....after all, they do say most of our heat escapes through our head. 

So, in honor of this wonderful season of winter fall, here's my latest loves!

My husband's cousin sent me a pack of these super soft, super cute, and super better than any-of-those-other-plain-old-hair elastics. They're made out of headband like stretchy bands, but are used just like regular hair elastics. She told me how these don't leave crimps in your hair, and she's right! I love that because if I don't have time to style my hair after showering (which is quite often) then I can get away with wearing one of these to keep my hair back, a must for a busy mom like me with mid-length hair. I've since bought up in 3 other colors....I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Thanks again Julie!

Pottery Barn Organic Bethany Quilt
So, you remember images I shared of my bedroom a few months ago? If not, click here. In these pictures you'll see how we have the Bethany shams and bolster pillow from Pottery Barn. I found them online a few years ago (on sale!) and bought instantly because I loved the touches of floral without it being overly floraly (just made up that word apparently). I've LOVED them, so much so that once they arrived I quickly realized that I would've paid full price. I also remember wishing I could order more of drapes, a throw, anything with that pattern, but alas, by that point they were already all sold out. But, a couple of months ago I was shopping stalking DownEast (for those of you who aren't familiar, it's a Pottery Barn discount haven + other home decor and clothing store) and came across the above quilt in the EXACT SAME Bethany pattern of our shams and bolster pillow. I was freaking out. I had been dreaming of getting my hands on more of this beautiful pattern and here it was, patiently waiting for my discovery. I quickly snatched it up and took it to the register. The tag said $89.99 (originally $189.00) but somehow it rang up at $59.99. That price for a reversible, organic, cross-stitched queen sized quilt from Pottery Barn is insane! I was so happy I think I skipped out with it to my car. You never know what you're going to find at that DownEast place, but it's worth scouring whenever you get the chance- trust me!

I finally jumped aboard the maxi skirt band wagon! Thanks to a kinda cheap but kinda fun new store (Bohme) in the Logan mall, I picked up this striped maxi skirt. I wore it a lot in Aug. and Sept. with sandals and think it could also work with knee high boots and tights....that is if it wasn't already freezing here. Still, I think maxi skirts are a good buy seeing how they're as comfortable as sweats but with a little more swagger. ;) 

We do a lot of quick meals around here, so wraps of any bean, cheese, rice, or veggies variety are really popular. I recently came across these Tortias (found right by the regular Tortias), and thankfully they're as yummy as they are healthy! This Ancient Grains flavor is packed with Flax seed and Quinoa which in case you didn't already know are way, way, way healthy for you. 

Like a little salty and sweet? Me too. Don't like hard crunchy granola bars or ones packed with sugar? Me either. Try these! They're my latest on-the-go snack. Yum yum. 

2013 Stained Glass 16-month Weekly Planner (Compact Engagement Calendar)  
Let's get started on planning for the new year! After all, there is only 2 months left of 2012. If you're at all like me and think it's fun to think ahead, then you probably don't think it's weird that I get EXCITED when planners for the new year come out. I've always been big on writing things down and making lists and this planner helps me accomplish everything I need to. Cheers to getting things done!

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  1. I am SO glad you love the Knotieties! They are the best things ever. I was so happy when I discovered them! GOOD find on the quilt-- it is STUNNING! And I have looked everywhere for a maxi skirt like that with NO luck.