Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good to know...

that Logan can have weather above 40 degrees in January. Seriously, have we somehow switched climates with sunny Florida? Click here for full story.

Tangerine Tango is Pantone's 2012 color of the year. I truly love this vibrant color! Click here for more background on Pantone.

there is a fantastic organization out there named the La Leche League that is ready, willing, and able to help with all things related to breastfeeding. I am still so touched by the dear woman (i.e. mother of 5!) who stopped everything in her day to help me with mine. Click here to find your local group.

my eldest son knows the names of all the different kinds of trucks better than I do. He's also been doing a lot of imitating lately and yesterday instead of me pointing to things and him naming them, he was pointing to things to have me name them. So, when he pointed to an image of a dinosaur skeleton, I responded with "dinosaur." He quickly corrected me by saying, "No mommy, dinosaur skeleton." Smart Benjamin. Very smart. 

my youngest (8 1/2 months) son is like Baby Hercules. Last week in playgroup, he was pushing around a 3-yr. old on a toy car. Yesterday he touched a toy with what he considers to be a "light tap" and it came crashing down off the wall, and tonight when I slowly placed him down into his baby tub, all the water came splashing out around him. Good thing it's cool for boys to be big and strong! 

there is no place in our home that can't be cleaned/picked up in 15 min. I know a big part of this is the way I have things set up, and the way I maximize storage, but I got to thinking how having more space would mean spending more time cleaning it, and decided that right now I'm really liking the peace of mind I get by knowing exactly where every thing is, or having it within eye shot. Oh, and while on the topic of cleaning, for those of you looking for a smell good, non-toxic counter top spray, you should check this one out. I found mine at Macey's grocery.

Logan is GROWING! I love the excitement I feel whenever I see new construction going on here. The latest one I spotted is in The Riverwoods business park. There are currently two little strip mall like developments. I'm still waiting to find out more but so far know that another Jimmy Johns is going to be one of the commercial occupants. Good thing, because we recently just learned that we're out of the delivery zone for their 1400 N. location. Here's also an an article (published in 2009, but new to me!) on exciting development in North Logan, as well (super cool site btw) ranking Logan  #4 in their Top 10 Winter Cities. 

Well, that's it for me for now. I'm still planning to put together my Latest Loves post for winter, as well as the fun things enjoyed during our first at-home Christmas celebration....having my husband off from school over the past few weeks has just been too great!


  1. That is so great that Benjamin is "correcting" you! :) Someday, it might not be as cute! ha!

  2. Yeah, but when Fargo, ND is scoring #2, you've got to wonder if that's the top-10 list you really want to be on.

    No (serious) offense meant to Fargo, of course; it is our birthplace after all.