Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reindeer History

While reading the above book The Night Before Christmas (by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by Robert Ingpen) I noticed something rather startling...this particular version refers to one of the reindeer as Donder instead of Donner. At first I thought I must have known it wrong all along because how could a classic book such as this make a mistake, but when I checked with my Dad and sister, they both insisted it must be a typo! So, I did some googling and found out here that it wasn't a typo at all. Turns out the reindeer name of Donder is from the German version as well as Blixem for Blitzen, so depending on which version you have, these last two reindeer names may be slightly different. I found this all very interesting!

While on the subject of Christmas books, here's a link to a wonderful list recommended by a children's book illustrator and mom. I second this one from her list. It is so so cute; our definite new favorite!!!! What a special time of year this is for kids; made more fun by incorporating the tradition of reading special holiday books. 

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