Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ha Ha!

  • Drove off from the library with our books still on the roof of our car. Whoops! Thank goodness for the man who waved me down.
  • "What?!, I've never even heard of those before!" Response I got from the young Dillards store clerk when asking her if they carried any Paige jeans.
  • Even after a year of using Boogie Wipes (using them on my kids that is) I still find the name Boogie Wipes so funny. Just try saying it without at least smiling. See, impossible.
  • George Carlin or Alec Baldwin narrating the Thomas The Train series. I'm serious! I even saw their names listed in the credits (as if hearing their distinct voices wasn't confirmation enough).
  • Told my husband I was going to the grocery store but as I was driving decided I didn't want to (thankfully we weren't in dire need of anything). Instead I went and splurged on some socks (yes, I'm addicted to Smartwool), got my car washed, and bought some new lounge wear at Penney's. I know, what a rebel!
  • Benjamin reprimanding Grant. I'm constantly hearing "No, baby, no!" when Grant is going for Benjamin's toys, or "Go, baby, go" when Benjamin's trying to play hide and seek with me but Grant finds him first. ;) 
  • Logan Optical Center located in the IHC Logan Regional Hospital. Why is that so funny you ask? It's funny because it's where people in Logan have to go to buy a nice pair of sunglasses locally.

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