Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost Two and Almost Crawling

In just over two weeks, Benjamin will be two! 
Here's a list of things he loves to do...

Make friends with every one 
Chase the bigger kids for their cool toys
Pick out all of the marshmallows from his Lucky Charms cereal
Open doors with keys (yes, he actually knows which ones do certain things!)
Help gather all of the necessary things to go outside: sunscreen-shoes-sunglasses-water
Say "Poo Poo" when he needs to go potty (this doesn't mean we always catch in time!)
Listen to stories read 
Mimick us and other things he picks up from TV like Pooh saying~ "Think, Think, Think" and actions the Little Einstein characters do
Sing and do actions to Eensie Weensie Spider, I'm A Little Teapot, Pat-a-Cake, Thumbkin
Pretend to read books out loud to his little brother 
Be the BIG brother
Build his vocabulary day by day!
Put out his hand and say "STOP!" or moves his pointer finger for "GO!"
Play with his thoughtful and caring relatives
Ride his Balance bike
Give hugs and kisses to his little brother

In a little over a week, Grant will be 4 months old!
Here's a list of things he loves to do...

Grab onto his feet just like the Happy Baby Yoga pose
Roll over (this actually happened a couple of weeks ago!)
Scoot around on his belly (Woah, is this early :O I know, I know!!!)
Smile, grin, giggle, laugh- he really is quite the charmer
Look at himself in the mirror
Coo and just recently...kinda scream! (must be a second-child thing)
Watch his big brother
Be held while walked around
Sung to, or listen to any type of music
Swing in his baby swing

SO fun watching these boys grow into themselves. 
SO true what people say about each child never being exactly alike...
SO uniquely different in their own ways!

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  1. Scooting at 4 months? Someone is trying to keep up with their big brother!