Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thinking Women

I really admire smart, strong, thinking women. I remember telling my mom back in high school that there were a lot of pretty girls and that I didn't want to just be pretty. Even though I was a cheerleader, went to all the dances, and was often spotted at the mall, I also wanted to be known for something more substantial. Trying to find my fit in the world, I remember pondering this quote from Anne of Green Gables...

"Which would you rather be - dazzingly clever, stunningly beautiful or angelically good?"

I also recently came across this little blurb from Bethenny Frankel in Health magazine.... 

"It makes me crazy when I hear women beating themselves up about how they think they're fat, how they'll never lose weight, how they hate their thighs. We should start talking about what we do like about ourselves. I have never been the prettiest girl in the room, but my husband was the cutest guy in the room, and he was attracted to me. What you want is to be the most interesting girl in the room."

May we each think of women like Audrey Hepburn, Anne of Green Gables, and heck- even Bethenny Frankel when when attempting to define ourselves. And remember, numerous facets are what makes a diamond sparkle (Ha, I just made that one up!).

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  1. I love Anne! One of my favorite literary heroines. I strive to follow her little bits of wisdom.