Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • Have you ever thought how life-changing it would be if grocery stores had a drive-thru window? I mean they have them for mail, prescriptions, movies, and even library books, so why not for fresh produce and such? Hmm...maybe that's something I should look into. Until then, I'm happy to report how successful my first outing to the grocery store with both kids went. Recipe for success: a short list, deep bottom stroller basket (I love love love our THING-A-MA-JIGGER), and a snack! I decided keeping the kids in our stroller works SO much better than the grocery cart because this way my eldest can't pull things off shelves (thanks to its 5 pt. harness) or take things out, and my youngest one's car seat doesn't interfere with the space needed to store the groceries; today I fit close to 15 items!!
  • I've always wanted to be a contestant on a game show. Maybe its because of my love for playing games or the possibility of winning a prize, but today I realized that I'm kinda already on one every day come nap time. This time in my day is like Deal or No Deal (aka Nap or No Nap). If I play it safe and just take a nap as soon as they're both sleeping then I give up my chance for a possibly big pay out (aka stuff done, shower, and a nap), but get the immediate payoff of sleep. Or like Minute to Win It. I have to be coordinated enough to carefully maneuver around toys, swiftly prep food, and promptly clean-up, all while patiently keeping my cool in a set window of time (aka before we have to be somewhere, before a tantrum strikes, or before nap or feeding time). Doing these tricky things in order, in time, =  a win!
  • Got a look from a Mom at the park the other day. I was right there by my son's side for the majority of the time until he wanted to go and play in the volleyball court sandpit. We come to this particular park a lot and he normally plays very well in this contained space with his sand toys. Well, today he decided he would try to eat the sand at the same moment I sat down to do something on my phone (just got a new smart phone- boy do those take some getting used to!). Next thing I know he's following around another Mom on the playground while covered in dirt sand which stuck quite well to his newly sun-screened face. As I come closer, the Mom looks over at me with a worried look on her face like, please help this dirty child. I have nothing to say but am thinking- "Yes, that filthy (but still adorable) little boy is mine and I will now happily use my other son's burp cloth to clean out his dirty mouth and face. That is unless you have a piece of Orbit (dirty mouth!) gum? Thank you." Okay, I didn't think up that last part until now, but I thought it tied in nicely. 
  • I make sure to go out just for me once a week, and about once a month I buy something for myself. A quick little errand, exercise class, or cute top here and there really does wonders for my mind and spirit!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend~ can you believe we're already in mid-August? We're looking forward to my son's upcoming b-day bash, shopping trips to Park City outlets and IKEA, and Oktoberfest!

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  1. I wish we had like a grocery pick up! A friend of mine that lives down South just orders her groceries online, selects a time, drives up and its ready! I am nervous about eventually going on an outing with 2 kids- glad it went so well for you! :)