Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Cool Finds

My mom suggested we keep popsicles on hand for our toddler to help soothe teeth coming in. I wasn't so sure about the mess these could create, so was excited when I found these Slow Melt popsicles by Popsicle. They also come in this cute mini-size perfect for him (I've only been giving to him at the table with a bib on, and so far no messes have occurred). I should also note that he took to licking and biting it without me even showing him how!

Don't feel like warm oatmeal during the summer? Me either. I've always loved granola as a snack, but never tried it with milk as cereal before....turns out it's delicious! I highly recommend Quakers Natural Granola with Oats, Honey, and Raisins. It's perfect as a snack, in yogurt, or as plain cold cereal.

So happy when I found these non-disposable swim diapers by i-Play. I first heard about them from a friend (thanks Sam!) and found them here locally at Poco Loco. These above prints are cuter than the ones they have in-store, but if you want them for less, this site is offering $4 off if you don't mind getting one of last year's patterns.

Who knew Lip Smackers now come with SPF 24? Now I can keep my lips moisturized, protected, and smelling sweet! (secret: My sons loves these too...I just never give him the lid since I'm afraid he might swallow it).

Silly me. I never knew there was a difference between yogurt covered and white chocolate covered pretzels. Hands down- white chocolate ones are better! My sister recently threw a bridal shower gifting these fancy dipped pretzels as treats (see image of something similar to the right, and click here for recipe) husband and I each had one and were quickly longing for another!

K, that's it! Hope you're all enjoying a fun summer. We're spending our sucking, snacking, swimming, and smacking!

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  1. I will be looking for those popsicles! Right now we just have the ones in the little plastic sleeves and Brayden does pretty well with them!