Monday, November 29, 2010

Cool finds in November

When I first did a post on my cool finds a couple of months ago I had no idea it would turn into a continuing theme every month! Here's my list of cool things found in November...

I found out that there's an actual name for this type of broom/dustpan combo. It's called a "Butlers Broom & Dustpan Set." I like to call it my "Magical Broom & Dustpan That Makes It So a Pregnant Mama Doesn't Have to Bend Down to Clean-Up Set." It is THE solution to cleaning up after your kids. Seriously, I never knew how much cleaning was involved with being a mom! I purchased my set at Bed Bath & Beyond for $17.99 in a snazzy red color (couldn't find a pic), but this one shown above is very similar.

I am here to tell you that pillow covers are THE most economical way to switch up your look! I bought some terracotta colored toss pillows a few years ago but am now way over that color. Instead of wasting a perfectly a good pillow cushion, I hopped on IKEAs website. Unfortunately neither offer an shipping option (does anything on their site?) but thanks to my WONDERFUL friend, she picked them up for me! The top tan one is called FELICIA and is 100% silk (like a raw silk- not shinny) for only $8 a piece. The second is AINA (linen/cotton blend) for only $6 a piece. How festive is this pretty red? both are available in lots of other colors too. Love. Love. Love.

Okay, no photo to feature here because...shhh, this is a brand of women's lingerie. Since my mom did a this: :O when I did that post about p.j.'s, I decided I would just display their cute logo. Click here to check out their amazingly comfortable wireless bralettes and you'll be so glad you did! (My tip: order a couple sizes up...they run small!). I found mine at Dillards (aka Logan's ONLY decent lingerie store).

Longing for that welcoming Christmas scent in your home? I highly recommend Fresh Scents scented sachet in the Red Door Wreath scent. As described here, it's a cool combination of mixed berries, cinnamon leaves & evergreen. Having this scent has been the perfect replacement to us NOT having the REAL tree that we usually get (we opted out this year due to our toddler). We keep one in each of our bathrooms and since we now always keep our bathroom doors shut (again, due to our toddler), you can really smell the scent. I found my 3-pack on sale at Smiths for $3.99 a couple of weeks ago, but sadly when I went back last week, this scent was all gone (makes for such a cute gift!), but I've seen this brand at Bed Bath & Beyond before.

I have to give my sister all the credit on this one. She just gifted this adorable cable-knit sweater to her nephew (my son), but it would be just as cute for a girl. She found at Target (Cherokee brand) for only $10, and that's not even a sale price!!!

Hope all your holiday shopping is going/gone well. I am looking forward to my husband finishing up with another semester of school, playing in the snow, exchanging Christmas cards, watching my favorite Christmas movie Fred Claus (very funny, plus it features the very cute Vince Vaughn), and listening to Enya's And Winter Came Christmas album. Until then, I'm off to putting the finishing touches on our Christmas decorations (future post!).

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