Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sex And the City II Movie Review

I know, I know, this movie came out AGES ago- but again, I give myself a "free pass" to being out of it when it comes to keeping up with the latest books, music, and movies due to my current role as a busy, full-time mother. So, for those of you who still remember it from when you watched it, or for those of you who have yet to see it but want to know what I think even though it will spoil many of the plot lines, here's a list of my thoughts....
  • Had a hard time with about the first 30 minutes of this movie. Still wondering what in the world that over-the-top and weird wedding between Carrie's and Charlotte's gay husbands had to do with anything, and why Liza Minnelli needed to make a cameo. That all felt very forced and awkward, along with Carrie's atrocious Best Man look. Did any one else think her hat looked like part of Batman's costume?
  • Interesting book title for Carrie..."I do, Do I?"  I always thought they came up with very clever titles for her articles in the show series.
  • Smith Jared (character name of Samantha's old flame, pictured left) strongly resembles the actor Paul Walker (pictured right)....both have stunning blue eyes!

  • Big & Carrie need more laughter in their marriage.
  • Samantha wears gold hammer pants and nobody seems to see anything wrong with that!
  • The T.V. show script writing seemed so effortless and believable, while this movie (for the most part) seemed VERY scripted and forced. Like the line "Who is your cell phone provider?" when they were riding on camels, or when Charlotte fell off the camel and they started saying jokes/puns like "Charlotte has camel toe, and a sandwedge." Seriously? I am the first to crack up at a cheesy joke, but these were just not funny - even to me! 
  • Why did they suddenly have to make Charlotte's character so dumb and helpless?
  • I don't get why foreigners ask the question: "Do you speak English?" in English. Duh!
  • I got really sick of their made up word: INTERFRIENDTION.
  • No, no, no to the diamond tiara that Carrie wore out to the nightclub. No grown woman should wear tiaras out in public unless they're in a pagent.
  • Miranda's and Charlotte's talk at the bar about motherhood seemed very real- but they forgot to represent the mother who plans to return to the workforce after raising kids. Being a full-time mother isn't a life do start school and eventually need us less and less!
  • I cringed when Carrie & Aiden kissed. :( I was mostly sad for Aiden's wife....mother to their 3 cute little boys that he mentioned- Homer, Wyatt, and Tate (yes, I know it's weird I remembered their names). Too cute and too sad.
  • Liked Carrie's revelation later on with Charlotte when she said the she hope her past hadn't screwed up her future, and how all the time she was single in NY she was really walking around like a crazy person. 
  • Two days off a week? I'm thrilled with 2 hours!
  • Love the ending song~ TRUE COLORS.
So, all in all, I didn't find this movie a total waste of time. It was still fun to see our snazzy gal pals again,  and therefore worthwhile....just fast fwd through the first 30 min. and be prepared for some awkward lines....I guess these women's roles were best expressed as single-minded and single-statused NY gals!

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