Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nobody guessed the winner!

*PR spoiler alert!*

I thought I'd also have a winner to announce for my magnetic flower giveaway after the finale of Project Runway this week, but nobody guessed...GRETCHEN!

For those of you who watched it, you know that it was a super close running between her and Mondo. I personally thought that he was more creative, especially since "ready-to-wear" fashion has never seemed to be a big hit on the show, but I do think Gretchen will be persistent in the industry and fight hard to get her name out there, even if her personality came off as two-faced, and the best thing in her collection (in my opinion) was the big black sunhat!

As the holiday season quickly approaches, may I remind you all what wonderful gifts my magnetic flower gift bags make! (image and contact info found at the top right hand column of this blog).

Hope you all enjoy a happy and safe Halloween~


  1. bummer! i don't watch PR. Is it on cable? I think the only showes I can watch are law and order and NCIS because they are on every night. I am tired of it. Anyways, That doesn't really matter.
    I wanted to tell you I love your blog. I need to add the link to mine but am lazy. Maybe will do it right now.

  2. I was surprised to hear the judges have so much controversy about who the winner should be. Heidi was really pushing for Mondo, and I just noticed in a people magazine that she wore the black and white polka dotted dress he made to a recent event to show her support for Mondo! (She wore it sleeveless though).