Monday, September 27, 2010

Really lovin' it...

I know, know, how could anyone NOT immediately fall in love with our adorable little boy? I did the moment we met, and continue to feel his happiness, eagerness, and true joy for life every day.

Something really cool has happened over this past month though, something that I didn't expect to happen until MUCH later....our little boy is now interacting! I know he had his own signals to communicate with us before, but now we can officially tell that's he's really understanding what we're saying and is actively taking part in role-playing, pointing, mimicking things we do and ask him to do. Like building blocks, he's continues to build upon each new skill that he learns, and I must say it's been BEYOND fun to spend my days with him (I enjoyed it before, but now it's like it's at a whole new level!).

I could write up a whole list of the impressive things Mr. Benjamin is up to nowadays, but I'll just leave you with the funny stuff. The stuff that I can't help but smile as I write. The stuff that makes me think- "woah, he is just beyond awesome!" the stuff that reminds me it is so worth it to put my career on hold right now. The stuff that I'm just really lovin' with my son the TODDLER....

  • Dancing to music. In the car, the kitchen, the living room, his stroller. Just give him a beat and he LOVES to move it!
  • Running. Chasing Bart and I until he falls. Sticking his belly and his tongue out as he tries to get those little legs to move as fast as he can!
  • Hugging. Holding onto our legs as we walk. Smooshing his face into our chest. Walking up to us with outstretched arms. 
  • Growling. Grunting. Sighing. His look of determination is all his own. True Virgo!
  • Pointing. Upswing in his voice to indicate questions. The look of satisfaction when he knows that we know what he wants, or he's understanding what we're saying.
  • Feeding US food. Sticking out his tongue. Saying "Ummmmm!"

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  1. I am starting to really love the toddler age as well. Brayden sounds a lot like Benjamin! :)